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Winter is still out there and we all hope for spring to come soon. Fortunately, to warm our hearts, the tradition of celebrating love falls in February. Valentine's day approaches and, from our experience, we know that the male part of a relationship might have a slight delay in purchasing a gift for the loved one. No worries, we can help in giving you some ideas in this article.

Made to measure shirt

Shirt can reflect an unique style of a person and made-to-measure gives so many possibilities to do so. The most important is the comfort of wearing but also the possibility to play with fashion and add some customisations. It’s the small accessories that evoke the personal taste such as the boutons, color of the buttonholes, contrasting fabric inside the cuffs, lettertype for the initials and so on. Made-to-measure gives the possibility of adjusting a shirt on every level, no matter the morphology. Female customers often have difficulties in prêt-à-porter, which proposes blouses or shirts in standardized sizes. And thus such blouses will spread on the bust level, are too long in the shoulders or on the sleeves, too small in the collar, just to name a few. A tailored shirt will be adapted to one's silhouette as well as one’s personal style.

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When ordering a shirt, a person can choose the fabric proper to her needs as well as the purpose. Different fabrics will be suggested for a formal and business occasion and different ones for vacation and leisure. Nevertheless, we will propose materials made out of natural fibers like cotton or linen (or their blend) proposed by iconic brands such as Albini, Tessitura Monti, Canclini or Thomas Mason. A natural material will help the skin breathe and prevent sweating. It is also more pleasant to touch.

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Personalized pyjama

Made in finest cotton in a classic cut, a personalized pyjama can be a very thoughtful gift, especially in winter. Confectioned in the same atelier as our shirts, the pyjamas are meticulously finished and you can choose the same fabrics as for the shirts. The choice is huge, from classic light cotton, through flannel suitable for cold winter nights to very thin cotton of Liberty brand, suitable for summer pyjamas. Your beloved can choose classic patterns, simple or multi-colored material with motifs. The blouse and trousers have standard sizes, but we will help to choose the right one for one’s figure. The person placing the order will be able to choose the color of the trimmings and put their initials. A nice touch is to receive pyjamas in a pochette sewn from the same material. On the one hand, it is practical when traveling and aesthetic, which will be appreciated by female customers.

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Both a made-to-measure shirt and personalized pyjamas are gifts that give the recipient the opportunity to choose both in terms of material and finishings. It will be a well-thought-out gift tailored to the lady's needs, which she will be able to enjoy for a long time.

The above suggestions for a Valentine's gift can be purchased on a gift card. You can buy it online.


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