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Working in real estate may require a lot of travelling or visiting construction sites, where a suit may be seen as an exaggeration. Still, you want to look your best, cause never know when you meet the potential clients.

The core of your daily outfit should be a nice blazer which you can pair with different trousers or even jeans, if they are navy blue or black. Ask your tailor which fabric would be best in what season but keep in mind, that heavier cloths are more crease-resistant and fit better on all types of silhouette. Why not a mixed composition material, like the one proposed by Holland & Sherry in their new collection “Mesh & Hopsack Blazers” for summer, or the one proposed by the Italian draper Loro Piana in their “Jackets & Trousers” collection for winter? You can also allow yourself to order a jacket with a bold motif like windowpane, Prince of Wales or a herringbone but for starters, a simple navy blazer will do the trick. Click here to see more.

Jacket personalization allows you to choose the color of the buttons and the lining accordingly with your unique style. The made to measure will give you the comfort of wearing, something to appreciate after a long day at work.

As for the shirt, it can be in delicate patterns, just make sure its colors match your ensemble. In the case of simple white or blue shirt you can opt for a more textured fabric like an oxford proposed by Thomas Mason. Always choose pure cotton which will give you the comfort throughout the day. If you worry about the creases, your tailor should show you the “easy care” or “non-iron” cotton.

While blazer is a less formal outfit, you don’t need to worry about the tie. To boost your appearance though, put a pocket square in bold colors. And you’re ready to go!

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Fabrics to recommend:

For winter, choose a flannel from Holland & Sherry Classic Worsted Flannel, or from Loro Piana Proposte Giacche - collection of blended wool, silk and cashmere composition cloths. See more of our partners.


Don't worry about the tie, it might seem to formal. Thus, you can accessorise your outfit with a nice pocket square, like the one proposed by Simonnot Godard in a rich color palette. Another essential accessory are the comfortable socks made of natural fibers. At Ferala you will find a nice variety of Pantherella socks.  Check more of our accessories.