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Ferala Team

Surely at this time of the year you put away your formal attire and prepare yourself to leave the town for vacation. Nevertheless, remember to organise your closet in order to keep your business clothes in good shape. At Ferala we are often asked about how to clean and preserve a suit in order to maintain and prolong its utilization. Thus, we would like to share with you some insights on this matter.

First of all, complete your wardrobe with at least 4 or 5 suits, which you can wear alternately. This is particularly advised when your work imposes this dress code on a daily basis. If you wear the same suit a couple times a week, it will require more frequent washing, hence the fabric may be damaged more easily. Remember, that all natural fibers, like wool or cotton, do not appreciate the chemical substances used by the dry cleaners. Therefore, it is not recommended to dry clean a suit more than 3 times per year.

Of course, there are other ways to refresh your suit that you can try at home. One of them is to vaporize it using a steamer or an iron that has a steam function. This method involves directing the steam on the fabric of your jacket (preferably hanging on a hanger). Vaporizing smoothes the material and at the same time helps wool fibers regain their natural elasticity. It can also remove some unpleasant odors like nicotine. When ironing the trousers, always put a damp cotton cloth between the iron and the pants. Thanks to this we will avoid leaving shiny spots on the surface of the fabric. If you do not have a vaporizer at home, there is a simple way to refresh the suit. Just hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam will do wonders with the wool fibers. Moreover, the suit can be cleaned with a special brush made of natural fibers.

Further, keep the suit carefully hung on a hanger intended for this purpose, away from sunlight, which can discolor the fabric. The hangers should be broad to maintain a natural form of shoulders, you can choose the wooden ones or the plastic ones. Use a suit cover only when travelling and choose the one made of a material enabling the circulation of air. Remember to keep a moth repellent, like a small bag with natural ingredients such as dried orange, cloves, dried lavender, which those insects do not like.

Last but not least, always wear a suit adapted to your silhouette. Too tight jacket will rub faster on elbows and its seams will lose up on the back more easily. As for the trousers, they will tear faster in places of tension like tights and knees. Thus, a good way to preserve the life of one's suit is to complete it with a second pair of trousers. This solution is very appreciated among our customers who order a made-to-measure suit and would like to enjoy it as long as possible. 

Hopefully this article will help you organise your closet and now you will be ready to put away your suits for some time. 

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