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Ferala Team

In winter and autumn, temperatures drop, which can cause discomfort associated with the cold. People who are required to wear elegant suits on a daily basis may have a problem with keeping themselves warm at this time of the year. Thus, we would like to discuss the knitwear as an interesting addition to your winter outfit.

There are several models you can turn to depending on which style you want to achieve, from casual to more formal. Nevertheless, the knitwear should be a thin knot and light weight since it will be used as an additional layer, often underneath a jacket. We do not have to specify that the sweater must be without patterns or prints, it is not a garment that should attract too much attention. Another important thing is the fitted size. Regardless of the model you choose, the knitwear should be of the right length and not too wide on the waist. Too loose or too long it will only give the impression of neglect.

Try to choose good quality fabrics, the yarn can be wool, cotton or mixed. Cotton weave works well on warmer days, it is more airy and slightly cheaper than a woolen sweater. Wool has a great thermoregulatory effect and is usually softer to the touch. If you are looking for the highest quality and great protection against the cold, cashmere or a blend of wool and cashmere will work. Of course, these types of sweaters require gentle, hand washing, which deters many men looking for practical solutions.


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The most popular sweater model is the cardigan, i.e. a buttoned cardigan. It is perfect to wear under a suit, over a shirt and can serve as a waistcoat when talking about everyday suits. It’s easy to put on, and it looks very good with casual ties (woolen, cashmere or knitted). A cardigan is perfect for casual stylizations, combined with jeans and a blazer and constitutes a layer that can personalize your whole outfit.


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Our second best choice for a knitwear is a turtleneck. Very fashionable this season, a turtleneck not only gives warmth, but is an extremely polyvalent accessory to your outfit. It can be worn with both a mismatched ensemble and a suit. Since you won't be wearing a shirt or tie with it, a turtleneck can be a stronger accent in your stylization and can come in stronger colors like ivory, red or purple.

Last but not least, is the polo long sleeve. It’s an interesting option since it can be worn with a shirt underneath or nothing underneath if we don’t mind the naked neckline. We suggest choosing toned down colors as if the polo is an integrated part of the whole suit.


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Regardless of the model, the rule of good fitting should always be respected. At Ferala we propose a made to measure service for any knitted piece to guarantee the best fit and give our customers the opportunity to fully personalize their sweaters.