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We have already discussed the first steps to take when buying your wedding suit and how a groom should be prepared when ordering a made to measure one. Let us concentrate on some trends that will be popular in 2023.

Suit for a bohemian wedding

This trend has been quite popular for several years and will not lose its popularity in 2023. This can be explained by a wave of return to nature, a less rigid concept of the wedding and the Covid period only enhanced this tendency. Hence the fashion for wedding suits in browns, greys or greens. Thanks to this, slightly forgotten accessories such as suspenders and colourful bow ties also returned. For a bohemian suit we tend to look for a more structured and artisanal material, one would say ‘with a more character to it’. That is why fabrics made of a combination of different fibres, e.g. wool, silk and linen, are a very popular choice. In terms of colours, beige and green will reign this year, especially shades of sage.


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Ivory colour for an elegant summer wedding

Ivory is the perfect shade for a summer suit and is an effective replacement for a dark suit for a smart wedding. A fashionable solution this year will be a set with an ivory jacket and trousers in a different colour. To achieve a chic effect, trousers should be selected in wool with a similar structure as the jacket, and the most interesting colours are navy blue, burgundy and bottle green. The whole set should be perfectly fitted to the figure, sewn in high-quality, super-thin wool with carefully made finishes. It is supposed to give an elegant, carefully thought out and stylish effect. The cut of the entire outfit should be quite classic so as not to overdo it with the final effect.


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Light blue in a textured weave

Light blue colour has been a hit for several years because it works well for summer weddings and suits many types of complexion. This is the right choice for a person who does not like to experiment with colours and wears navy blue classic suits on a daily basis. A lighter shade of blue will make it a colour different from what they already know and at the same time it will not exceed their safety zone. For greater originality, one can choose a fabric with a more interesting weave and blends of wool and linen, especially for a wedding in the peak of summer.


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Tuxedo for an elegant wedding

If you are looking for spectacular clothes that make an impression, it is worth considering a classic tuxedo. This evening ensemble, usually worn for evening galas, appears more and more often as a groom's garment. Its simple elegance and effectiveness will perfectly harmonise with a classic elegant wedding. The tuxedo is traditionally found in black fabric. However, “tailor-made” offers many more possibilities, such as a tuxedo in a beautiful navy blue. A very interesting variation is also a tuxedo composed of an ivory jacket with black satin finishings and black trousers.


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