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Ferala Team

Let us continue with the trends for the wedding suit. In the last chapter, we evoked an attire proper for a bohemian wedding, a light blue textured suit as well as a tuxedo for more elegant ceremonies.

Bold colors

What do we call strong or bold colors? It can be a darker palette going from burgundy, bottle green and teal blue but also lighter ones like mustard or copper. Colors like dark green, emerald green and rotten green will rank first this season, especially for bohemian weddings. They are quite easy to wear since they look well on almost every skin tone. A green suit will probably be put on quite easily afterwards for other occasions. The burgundy, on the other hand, is not advised for ginger-haired grooms and those who tend to turn red. Still, it is quite elegant and can be a nice substitute for a classic navy suit.

Another bold color, especially popular for countryside weddings, is terracotta, since it works great with a natural color palette. Terracotta is a warm shade that looks well both on blond or dark hair and can be toned down with a waistcoat in a lighter shade. We observe more and more men asking for warm colors in this style, from burnt orange through brick red to mustard. It is a color suitable for bohemian and romantic whimsical weddings that take place in a natural and rustic entourage.


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Gray for those who appreciate the classics

A gray suit will be the right choice for a classic wedding party. This color scheme is perfect for serious people who appreciate the classics and do not want to experiment with fashion. For summer weddings we advise lighter gray and even material with a slightly visible motif. Grey is a safe choice, within the classics, and it is easy to match with different accessories: either a tie in the colors of cream and silver or more bold, stronger colors to break the stiffness of this attire. It is also a set quite easy to wear later, for other occasions. The only remark with this type of shades concerns the color of the hair - if the groom is middle-aged and quite gray, it is better to choose a graphite color. Light gray can add years and the whole ensemble will look faint.


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Suits stylized for the 20s and 30s

Fashion has its thing that it likes to come back and for several years we have been observing the trend of the 20s and 30s in male fashion. The gurkha pants, the large lapels, the suspenders are just a few things that were revived to achieve a more vintage look. It's quite a specific style but it has its fans, especially those who model their everyday image on the heroes of TV series like “Peaky Blinders”. Such a wedding suit is three-piece and its cut is less fitted. High-rise trousers with the option of suspenders might be finished with cuffs. A straight vest with more buttons in order to make the neckline higher and optional lapels for a more vintage look is also quite characteristic. Jacket might be slightly longer and provided with peak lapels in a wider form. Thicker wool and tweed will be best suited for this type of suit. Hence their popularity for weddings during fall and winter.


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We hope this information can help you make the best choice for your wedding suit. Nevertheless, it’s always better to visit a tailor and discuss all your ideas and needs. A professional knows how to advise on a suitable color, both for your skin tone as well as the ceremony’s character.

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