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Summer and it's hot temperatures do not inspire you to wear a classic suit made from heavy wool. That is if you choose the suit off the rack which, in most cases, have fusable lining glued inside. The fused jacket is cheaper but also stiffer and it won’t adapt to your chest form over time. This construction type is also heavier and less breathable, not something you want to wear in the summer.

The made-to-measure, on the contrary, will propose you half-canvas or full canvas construction that will significantly increase the quality of wearing but also longevity of your suit. This type of construction consists of sewing canvas inside of the shell of the jacket, which will be more breathable as well as more flexible as a frame. For summer jackets a lighter canvas can be used to make the whole construction lighter (we can talk about “zero gravity” construction). Furthermore, you can ask your tailor to lose the lining. In case of a more formal business suit opt for a half-lining, which means it will reach just above the shoulder blades. For more casual jackets the lining can be completely omitted. Nevertheless, this type of soft construction should be reserved for clientele familiar with its aspects. A jacket without a lining may fit worse at the back and the shoulders since we deprive it of a part of its "frame".

For what concerns the choice of fabric, opt for natural fibers like light wool or linen and blends composed with linen, wool, silk and cotton. All depends on the occasion and the formality of the dress code. For strictly professional events choose 100% wool proposed by Loro Piana in the Tasmanian collection or mohair from the Classic Mohairs collection by Holland & Sherry. You will have a vast variety of fabrics composed with thin fibers and resistant to crease. If you are looking for something less formal consult several catalogues from those two suppliers that offer different blends of wool, cotton and linen in lighter colours (Oceania, Cashique Suiting, Proposte Abiti to name a few). 

After choosing the right material as well as the construction type, you can focus on the customizations. This is where your unique taste can take a lead. Starting from a collar type, opt for peak lapels in wide form. This vintage collar is quite popular nowadays and can complement a leisure jacket. It will go particularly well with patch pockets, the form that you can also choose for your chest pocket. To add a personal touch you can ask for a hand stitching on all seams of the jacket. As for the trousers, a nice option would be the gurkha pants (you can read more about this style of trousers in our article published on the 29th of December 2020 by entering here).


A cotton pocket square is a must have since you probably won’t wear a tie. You can opt for a colorful one from the Simmonot-Godard collection. Also, a nice Panama hat will give you the flair of an international businessman but it will also protect you from the sun.

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