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Why should a suit be reserved only for men on D-day? If you don't like traditional solutions and appreciate the freedom of a suit, contact your tailor, as the outfit should be well adjusted to your figure.

Let's start with the fabric. The tailor-made allows you to choose from the most glamorous and exclusive fabrics. It is best to search among Italian suppliers who offer extremely fine wool. The fabric can have an addition of silk or cashmere, which will make it shinier and at the same time softer. Holland Sherry offers the “Dupioni Silk” collection for women, which features beautiful 100% silk fabrics for those looking for the most exclusive materials. The color of your suit should be cream white or ivory. Be mindful that white may look too cold and won't match many skin tones.

As for the jacket, it should be well adapted to your figure, highlighting your waistline. You can choose a straight or double-breasted model, shorter or in an oversized shape, as long as it conforms to your body type. Bespoke gives you the ability to personalize and add a touch of originality - gold buttons, printed lining, hand stitching, these details are going to be appreciated by every woman.

As for the pants, you can try for a classic shape, slightly tight at the bottom. If you plan to wear designer stiletto heels, the pant legs may be shorter to show off your ankles and feet. Another option will be trousers with flared legs, long enough to optically lengthen your figure. It is best to consult your tailor for the correct shape of the pants according to your body type.

The choice of the shirt can still be discussed. If you are ordering a jacket with a fairly high neckline, it is best not to wear anything underneath. Thanks to this, you will highlight your cleavage and the whole outfit will be seductive. For those less daring, a good solution is to wear a silk camisole.

For more information on made to measure for women, click here.

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First of all, glamorous heels! High and decorated shoes will break the simplicity of a suit and lengthen your figure. They can be colored to break up the white and give the outfit an original character. Jewelry is a very important accessory - if your jacket has a low neckline, it should be emphasized with a thick collar.

Fabrics to recommend

Besides the Dupioni Silk collection mentioned above, it is worth checking out the Mare bundle by Loro Piana and Cashique Suiting by Holland Sherry. Consult our suppliers.