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In our previous articles, we focused a lot on suits. But the shirt is no less important. So, let's see how to best choose the fabric and the cut of the shirt to best present yourself on D-Day.

Let's start with the fabric: 100% cotton will be the obvious choice. The natural material allows the skin to breathe and it is very pleasant in touch. As for weaving, you can choose a poplin or twill fabric, which is more compact and less transparent. For bohemian weddings, the Oxford shirt will also be a good solution. Custom-made offers you a huge choice of suppliers. The Italian fabrics from Canlini, Albini or Tessitura Monti are the most chosen ones. They offer fabrics created from raw materials of sublime quality. For those looking for the most resistant cottons, Thomas Mason remains an infallible choice.

The next point is the color of the shirt. Traditionally, the shirt should be white, regardless of the type of wedding or the color of the suit. Nevertheless, we see more and more shirts in ecru, ivory or even off-white. This is due to the color of the wedding dress and the fact that photographers recommend keeping the same shade of white for the groom's shirt and the bride's dress, which looks better later in photos. If you are choosing a formal suit like a tuxedo or a morning coat for your wedding, stick to traditional white when it comes to your shirt.

As for customizations, they should respect the canon of formal menswear. In this case, one should not experiment but rather follow some rules. If you want to put on a bow tie, it is worth making a shirt with a hidden button placket. It is best to choose a semi-Italian collar that shows off the wings of the bow tie well and is suitable for many face shapes. The sleeves should be finished with double cuffs, this will add elegance to your shirt and allow you to put on cufflinks. For very formal outfits, you can make a shirt with a front bib. The final touch is your initials sewn in a discreet place, preferably handmade for the more sublime finish.

Advice from your tailor: have two shirts made. It is worth changing during reception to look fresh and spotless all along the day.

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Fabrics to recommend

Choose 100% cotton, two-ply twill or poplin. Choose from fabrics offered by Canlini, Albini or Thomas Mason.