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As a wedding guest, you certainly often wonder how to dress to look stylish and at the same time not to dethrone the groom. Here are some tips that will guide you to have a suitable look.

The first problem concerns the type of your suit, whether it is two or three pieces. Both answers are correct. A wedding is a special occasion and requires you to dress accordingly. Completing a suit with a waistcoat allows you to retain some elegance if you drop the jacket during the reception. As for the color of the suit, it can be blue or gray, and the fabric can have a delicate pattern. You can choose a straight jacket or a double-breasted jacket. But remember, the second type should always be buttoned up, except when you are seated. When it comes to very formal outfits, like a tuxedo or a morning coat, these are not recommended, as rather reserved for the groom (see our previous articles). Especially if the wedding isn't kept in a classic formal atmosphere, you don't want to overdo.

If you wonder if it is possible to wear a mismatched set for a wedding, the answer is Yes! It all depends on the harmony of the outfit and a good selection of colors for both the jacket and the pants. It's a less formal solution, but especially charming for bohemian weddings.

When it comes to the selection of the shirt, a traditionalist will always recommend a white cotton one. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to choose accessories that match the color of the suit. What you should however absolutely avoid are short-sleeved shirts, even if it is hot on the wedding day. Do not choose shirts with contrasting elements or colored buttons, they are reserved for less formal occasions.

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As a wedding is a formal event, a tie is highly recommended. Unlike business ties, you can choose one with more daring patterns like those offered by Paolo Albizzati. Complete your outfit with a white silk or cotton pocket square. Consult our accessories.

Fabrics to recommend

Choose a woolen fabric, preferably all-season to use your suit on other occasions. Ideally, opt for the 110's or 120's wool, which will give you a good result without exploding your budget. If you are looking for a slightly shiny fabric with a delicate pattern, consult the Amadeus and Amadeus Action collections from Dormeuil. See all our suppliers.