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The Angora goat comes originally from Ankara (formerly Angora) in Turkey, where it was bred already in ancient times. With its light, fluffy hair - mohair has been used for centuries in the production of fabrics for clothes. Today this wool is considered as one of the most luxurious and expensive fibers in tailoring. It can be an excellent choice for a wedding suit due to its special characteristics that we will discover in this article. 

Angoras were first brought to our continent in the second half of the 16th century, but until the 1830s all attempts to breed them outside Turkey ended in failure. Only breeders from South Africa and the Southwestern US states were able to create appropriate breeding conditions, where Angora goats became a popular breed, supplying excellent quality wool. These animals hate rainy and cold weather, so they are mainly bred in regions with desert or semi-arid climates. 


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The main feature of angora goats is their long curls of hair that are thin, silky, shiny and contain little oil in the fleece. It grows very quickly, which allows animals to be sheared twice a year. Mohair fibers are larger but flatter than those of sheep wool, making it smoother and more light reflective, hence the beauty of its luster. This structure of fibers facilitates dyeing of mohair, which guarantees good color retention over time. Mohair is a naturally thermoregulating fiber and has a high thermal insulating power which makes this fiber pleasant to wear in summer and winter alike. It is also durable, flexible and resistant to felting. A special type of mohair is the Kid Mohair obtained from young goats whose hair are softer and shinier.


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Considering the above properties of mohair, one must admit that it is a great material for summer suits. The moisture-wicking properties of mohair keep the body cool and dry. The cloth is crispy and smooth and as well as sheep’s wool, it is resistant to odors. All this makes it a unique fabric for summer suits, hence its popularity for wedding attire. Another property of this wool, which makes it a popular choice when sewing a wedding suit, is its wide color palette. The structure of the mohair fiber makes it very susceptible to dyeing, which allows it to get virtually any shade and color. The colors of green and maroon are extremely popular in recent seasons, especially for boheme weddings.


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Fabrics to recommend

Holland & Sherry offers two interesting collections of mohair wool: “Classic Mohair” and “English Mohairs”. The first one contains blends of super fine wool and mohair presented in a rich palette of colors in plain fabrics. The second one includes plains, semi-plains and classic patterns such as stripes and Prince of Wales checks as well as a nice choice of fabrics especially designed for evening wear.