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Ferala Team

Your wedding is your special day and it should be celebrated as such. This also applies to your outfit, which should adequately reflect the ceremonial nature of the event. Therefore, this time, we want to focus on the unique type of jacquard fabrics as well as prints.

The jacquard fabric takes its name from Joseph Marie Jacquard, who built a professional weaving machine in the beginning of the 19th century. This French weaver has created a device that enables the production of colorful materials on which an original pattern can be applied. Depending on the weaving technique, we can distinguish single and multi-layer jacquard fabrics. Originally, the material was made of natural fibers such as wool, cotton and silk. Nowadays, more and more modern fibers are added to make the fabric more elastic and easier to drape. The fabric is crease-resistant, so the garment always looks impeccable. It is quite heavy and it fits perfectly, so jacquard is used to make stylish jackets, evening dresses and suits. Patterns that appear frequently are ornaments, floral and paisley. The fabric is extremely decorative, if you decide to use it when sewing a wedding attire, it is better to limit jacquard to a jacket and waistcoat, and the pants should be made of simple, preferably dark fabric.


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Holland & Sherry proposes a rich and interesting choice of jacquards in their “Masquerade” collection. Velvets, Dupioni silks, venetians and plain Lurex constitute this ceremonial collection focused on the classic colors of ivory, black, navy blue and maroon. It is a perfect choice for someone who wants to mark those special, extravagant and very memorable events in life.

Another type of fabric often used in fashion tailoring are fabrics with prints, especially for sewing suits for ceremonies and events. Unlike everyday suits made of fabrics with woven patterns, the prints will be more avant-garde and bold, hence it is recommended to limit yourself to the classic color palette, such as black or navy blue. This type of fabric has a special application when sewing tuxedos and looks extremely effective in combination with satin elements.


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Cerruti with its “Iparty” collection has developed the most beautiful fabrics for special occasions, such as ceremonies and special events. The combinations of noble and natural fibers, the play of weaves and chintz finishing are the elements that give the fabric luminosity and pleasure. We can find in it both floral patterns and animal prints, classic paisley and dots. The prints are subdued and in the color of the fabric, which allows you to use it in the entire suit without fear that the result will be exaggerated and kitschy. It is a great choice for a groom who is looking for the quintessence of style and elegance.


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Regardless of whether you decide on a jacquard or print fabric, remember that it is suitable for a ceremonial, classic wedding. If the ceremony takes place outside in boheme and natural style, a suit made of worsted wool will be more appropriate.