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We have already discussed mohair wool and jacquard fabric as interesting options for wedding attire. Today’s topic will be the light blends of wool, linen, cotton and silk as a counterpoise to the classic choice of a woollen suit. This compounded cloth can be an ideal option for a less ceremonial bohemian wedding. 

The first characteristic of blended fabric is its breathable properties. Thanks to the addition of cotton or linen, the fabric becomes more airy and more air-permeable creating a perfect base for a summer suit. Moreover, linen dries quickly, which helps reduce heat retention in overly warm conditions. The addition of plant-derived fibers gives the fabric a texture on which the yarn structure is clearly visible, especially if we chose lighter colours like beige or light blue. This gives the fabric a rustic look, so sought after in boheme weddings and ceremonies in the midst of nature. We would like to present some particular collections of these types of materials that might be an inspiration for a wedding attire. 




Starting with Dormeuil, the French house that has been developing a series of ecological and traceable fabrics, presents a couple of interesting books composed of blended cloths. The first one is “Naturals” where you can find a variety of plain and semi-plain blends. You can find materials of various compositions here. Some are wool and silk blends with a natural lustre. Others are wool with linen, which gives the special texture on the surface. For even more relaxed jackets there are blends of linen and cotton or wool and cotton. The most interesting option would be the material blend of wool, silk, linen and bamboo fibres. The latter is a plant derived fibre that has high moisture-wicking abilities, is very breathable and stretcher than cotton which gives a maximum comfort. 



The second book worth mentioning is the newest “Hamptons Collection” divided in a series of categories. Particularly interesting is Echo Sport, a wool and ecological cotton blend showing beautiful pastel colours that will go extremely well with the outdoor wedding. Another selection is Echo Denim Washable that shows very lightweight 100% wool fabrics in beige, brown, burgundy and green shades as well as Tonik Wool Linen Denim.



The last collection we would like to discuss is a summer edition of  “Proposte Abiti” by Loro Piana. It offers a different mixture of fibres starting from wool, linen and silk till wool and elastane. What is interesting about this compilation is the very wide range available of colours and patterns, its lightweight and breathable abilities. 

Regardless of which blended fabric you choose when ordering a suit, remember that both cotton and linen are fibres very susceptible to creasing. This means that the suit will have folds after a few hours of wear and your tailor should discuss it with you. Pay attention to the percentage of the content of these two fibres and it is best not to exceed the addition of 25%. Hence the blends are not advised as a wedding attire if the ceremony is very elegant and classic. This material should be worn only for more relaxed venues and bohemian style weddings.


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