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Ferala Team

One could say that linen is the least ideal material for a wedding, but it is gaining popularity during summer ceremonies. It can be a very interesting material when respecting certain rules. This applies when the wedding takes place in a hot climate or when the ceremony itself is less obliging. Most often, this material is chosen when the ceremony takes place on the beach or in the garden.

Linen is a plant derived fabric, great for summer thanks to its breathable structure. Even if the temperatures beat the record, linen gives you the feeling of coolness and freshness. It doesn’t retain humidity and dries fast which, along with a more visible texture of linen, makes perspiration marks less visible. 


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This material has a very appealing, irregular texture and can be dyed in almost any colour, although the most sought for are tons of beiges, grey and blue. A nice palette of pastels is proposed by Holland & Sherry in their “South Pacific Linen” collection, where you can find 100% linen cloth as well as blends with Teclana. Teclana is a technical fibre that offers good crease recovery and allows the tailored garment a less crumpled appearance. Here we come to the main disadvantage of linen which is very prone to creasing and needs to be ironed after every wearing. Fortunately, the creases and fractures look softer on this type of fabric and some may say, they add a special flair. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to the length of sleeves and legs. Due to creasing the linen fabric on the knee and arm level will be converging and we can have an impression that the legs or sleeves have shrunken. Thus, it’s advisable to ask your tailor for 1 or 2 centimetres extra on these areas. 


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In order for a linen suit not to look too sporty for the occasion, it is worth designing it as a suit with classic proportions and customizations and choosing a waistcoat made of the same fabric. You should not give up the lining because it will help maintain the structure of the jacket, besides it can be an interesting personalization that reflects your style. A linen suit should be made to measure so that it is perfectly cut and does not look careless.


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Fabrics to recommend:

We have already mentioned the “South Pacific Linen” collection by Holland & Sherry. It composes plain linens as well as herringbone structure linens and the linen and Teclana blends, all in light pastel colour palette. If you are looking for stronger tones, a Solbiati compilation might be good for you. Another collection worth mentioning is the Echo Linen Denim one from the “Hamptons Collection” by Dormeuil. It offers linen fabrics mixed with worsted wool for a better hold and less-crease effect.