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Ferala Team

A ceremony in the countryside is associated with a bohemian style, close to nature and is characterised by the colour palette of dust rose, beige, brown, olive green, teal blue and ochre. In one of our previous articles, we have already discussed the blends appropriate for a bohemian wedding suit, this time we propose to focus on tweed.

Tweed is a material woven from thick woollen yarn. Its weave has a very tight, twill structure, and the most common tweed pattern is herringbone. The characteristic roughness of tweed is due to the use of carded yarn, i.e. the non-combed yarn. As tweed has a dense and moisture-resistant texture, it has always been very popular for outer garments as well as autumn and winter jackets. That is why when choosing this fabric for your wedding suit pay attention to its weight as well as roughness of the material, some tweeds may be very scratchy. One would say that tweed is a great option for a bohemian ceremony that takes place from September till November but a lot of grooms now even opt for it in mid-summer.


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The most common pattern of tweed fabrics is herringbone, houndstooth and check. The traditional colour palette was rather earthy and focused around rotten greens, browns, and copper since the fibres were dyed with pigments of vegetable origin. Today we find tweed in very bold colours such as pink or baby blue in combination with multi-colored checks, which gives a more modern look to this classic fabric. A very interesting texture is the Donegal Tweed, which is characterised by tiny specks in other colours, which are simply threads of a different colour woven into the fabric.


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Why is tweed so appreciated by the grooms? One reason is because tweed has a very textured surface that evokes rustic and natural features, so connected with the bohemian and countryside ceremonies. Above that, we find a very rich colour palette in tweed fabrics from deep brown, burgundy and green till ochre and teal bleu, colours derived from nature. Last but not least, since tweed is a heavier and more textured material, it looks good on every silhouette and it hides the flaws of our figure. Plus, if you are a fan of the “Peaky Blinders” series you will want to check if that style might work for you. Tweed is a kind of vintage fabric, thus when choosing it, it is better to keep a traditional form of your suit. Opt for a three-piece and the high-waist trousers, preferably with cuffs and darts. 


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Fabrics to recommend:

You will find various collections from Holland & Sherry that are proposed for a whole suit like “Moorland Tweeds” or “Harris Tweed”. The latter shows a capsule collection of prestigious fabrics woven of local materials of the Outer Hebrides and using hand-crafted traditional techniques. Other catalogues like “Sherry Tweed” will mostly present jacketing fabric with strong check pattern and modern bold colours. Worth mentioning is also a “Woodland” collection by Dormeuil that presents a wide variety of colours with fashionable checks.