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Ferala Team

Summer approaches and in our last article dedicated to wedding fabrics, we would like to discuss unconventional colours. We’ve all seen the blues, the beiges, the greys etc. but the real deal is to dare to wear some strong tones and thus your tailor should help you to choose it wisely according to your skin tone and the character of your wedding ceremony.

What do we call strong colours? It can be a darker palette going from burgundy, bottle green and teal blue but also pastels like dusty rose, mustard, green pistachio or sky blue. At bottom, it means the colours you wouldn’t wear for work, for a dinner gala or even other ceremonies. It’s true that those types of suits are not easy to use afterwards and some grooms decide on them because of special characteristics of the venue or they’ve just always dreamed about the coloured suit and the wedding lets them realise their dream. Let’s focus on several colours most often chosen by young men.


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Dark green

It has been one of the favourites, especially for bohemian weddings. It’s quite easy to wear since it looks well on almost every skin tone. You can choose a different fabric for the waistcoat to lighten the whole ensemble.


As the above, this colour is very popular for the countryside and bohemian weddings. The burgundy is quite elegant and can be a nice substitute for a classic navy suit. However, we advise against a burgundy fabric for ginger-haired grooms and those who tend to turn red. This type of colour will then raise the colour of the cheeks, and this is an effect that we try to avoid.


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Pistachio green

It’s a very interesting colour and can occur mixed with grey to soften the tone. It’s only advisable for summer wedding ceremonies, preferably the ones that take place outdoors. Grooms with a dark complexion and dark hair look best in such a suit.


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Sky blue

This colour should also be reserved for summer ceremonies and can be worn either by men with darker or lighter skin as long as their complexion is warm. Sky blue looks especially good when the fabric consists of different fibres, like wool and silk or wool and linen. That adds a natural lustre or a more textured surface to the fabric and looks less faded. 


It’s been a very popular colour for countryside weddings since it works great with a natural colour palette. Terracotta is a warm colour that looks well both on blond or dark hair and can be toned down with a waistcoat in a lighter shade. Like with burgundy, it’s not advised for ginger-haired grooms.


Fabrics to recommend:

You will find an amazing colour palette in “Blasone” collection from Huddersfield that proposes a worsted wool in twill weave in almost any shade. Holland & Sherry offers several catalogues with amazing colours. Worth mentioning is “Gaberdine”, “Royal Mile Plains” or “Cashique Suiting”. The latter proposes wool, cashmere and silk lightweight blends with deep and bright shades.