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Ferala Team

After discussing several materials for a wedding attire we would like to present other fabrics, a bit less luxurious but as important. With the sunny and warm weather we search for clothes that will give us comfort throughout the day. Some of us already have their suitcase prepared for summer vacation. And we wouldn’t like to leave the oldest question ‘what to wear?’ unanswered.

Summertime gives cotton the first place when it comes to our wardrobe. This organic fibre is very breathable and while it absorbs water fast, it dries also very quickly which makes it a perfect fabric for warm weather. Cotton is naturally soft and can be easily dyed to almost any colour. It’s also less expensive than wool thus its popularity in fashion.

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Cotton has been one of the principle fibres used by humanity for thousands of years. It is an organic fibre that is formed around the cotton seed. After harvesting and dissecting the cotton from the boll of the plant, the cotton fibres are carded to form longer strands which are then spun into yarn. Today this material is used for almost any clothing item, let us see how you can use it for your made to measure summer attire.

Cotton is the first material for your shirts and there are special varieties to use for summer purposes. Check the weight of the fabric, it shouldn’t exceed 130 g/m² for the maximum comfort. For business and formal shirts try Egyptian cotton, Giza 45, which makes one of the longest and most luxurious fibres.

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This material can be used also for chino pants as well as shorts. Again, pay attention to the weight of the fabric that should be between 210 and 280 g/m². If you like to wear your trousers slim, ask your tailor for cotton with elastane addition. The same rule applies to your jeans. If you opt for tailored made jeans you can choose the washing of denim, from even colour to more washed out.

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As for a blazer, cotton can be an interesting alternative to your everyday woollen suits. Try to choose a lightweight cotton and ask your tailor for a lighter construction of your jacket. Focus on fair colours like beige, light khaki, cream or a classic navy blue. The idea is to obtain a comfortable and breathable piece that can go with almost any trousers and shirt, something you can easily wear for a beach promenade in the evening as well as for a dinner party in the garden. Avoid strong motifs on the jacket, it should be something that complement your outfit.

Choosing cotton for your summer attire has however one disadvantage - cotton is prone to wrinkles. Whether it is a shirt, a blazer or trousers, it will crease especially on the knee and elbow area. Thus cotton may be a perfect match for your less formal / summer clothes but try to avoid it for any sort of more elegant and formal occasions.

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