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Ferala Team

Spring is here at last! Longer and sunnier days, possible end of the pandemic (fingers crossed), return to the office, all this brings a breath of fresh air into our minds and our wardrobes. And what a better way to celebrate spring if not with colors? Therefore, today we are going to discuss how to incorporate them into your business outfits.

Let's start with the suit. In your wardrobe, you definitely have a lot of navy blue or gray sets, so it is time to purchase a lighter one. Depending on your skin tone, choose one in steel blue or dark beige. The fabric will be more interesting if its weave is textured or with a discreet pattern such as houndstooth or pinhead. If you are looking for a suit for the warmer days, ask your tailor for materials made of a blend like wool with linen or with silk.

Depending on your workplace, you can also try mismatched sets. In this case, the colors of your pants or jacket can be more daring. But be careful - only one part of your outfit should be in bright color. If it is the pants, put the jacket in a darker tone. The timeless set consists of light beige chinos and a navy-blue club jacket. To refresh this look, chinos can be worn in light blue, orange, green or pastel pink. The color of the pants can be reminded on the pocket square, which will create a harmonious whole while wearing a white shirt. If you want to bet on a colorful jacket, a good solution is a fabric with a large check pattern.

As for the shirt, allow yourself a little fantasy. Any shade of blue is allowed, and if you are wearing a plain fabric suit, the shirt can be checked or striped. A light pink shirt will go well with gray and navy suits, but may not be suitable for all skin colors so it is best to consult your tailor. If you want to introduce more color, especially in combination with blue jackets, green check shirts are a good option.

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Dare the colors! It's with the accessories that you can bring freshness into your outfit. The most important will be the pocket square, especially if you are not wearing a tie. Try brighter colors and geometric patterns as offered in the vintage collection by Simonnot-Godard. Another accessory that can add color will be the belt, which you can choose in leather for more classic outfits or in braided material to complete your mismatched outfits. Consult our accessories.

Fabrics to recommend

Opt for the fine wool fabric as offered in the Tasmanian collection by Loro Piana or for a fabric including elastane for more comfort as in the Traveline bundle from the same weaver. See our fabric suppliers.