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Ferala Team

The spring has arrived finally in Luxembourg, although we might have hoped for a bit warmer welcoming. Another good news is the opening of terraces where we can finally enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a good meal. Still, the weather can be tricky and we should take care of our wardrobe in order to stay warm. Let’s see what we could wear to heat up the atmosphere around the table.   

The most important piece of your outfit would be the outer garment. Since you probably will keep it on throughout your meal try to wear something comfortable but stylish, like an iconic trench coat that we have discussed in a previous article. The classic cotton trench is a perfect mid-season coat that goes well with any stylization, whether you wear a business suit or more casual ensemble underneath. It will keep you warm enough without overheating your body if you catch some sunlight. Since we usually choose this coat in natural beige tones, it can be easily accessorized. Try to wear a woolen cap that you can find in a couple of shapes, more traditional round ones or more modern slimmer ones. To cover your neck, use a scarf in lighter fabrics like wool and cotton blend, preferably in bolder colors to spice up the whole outfit.   

If you don’t catch a cold very easily and do not need to wear an overcoat, a good option would be to wear a warmer jacket. The made to measure proposes lots of possibilities to create a heavier blazer from tweed or flannel that can be used as an outer garment.   

Concerning the clothing underneath, you have many options, depending of course from your work’s dress code. If you need to wear a suit, a nice choice is to wear one from a bit heavier wool that will keep you warm especially in the chilly mornings. Whether you prefer more casual outfits, a good alternative is to wear a nicely cut jean that you can complete with a simple woolen blazer and a turtle neck to keep you warm. Else, a pair of very popular this season, the gurkha pants made in a flannel fabric. If you choose this type of trousers, no need to overdo the top of your outfit - just wear a warm turtle neck or a knitted polo with long sleeves. To twist this ensemble, use a pair of braces in brighter colors.

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To keep you warm and safe, wear a cap that you can choose in several shapes and fabrics, like those proposed by City Sport Cap. A nice scarf is a must, it will not only accessorize your ensemble but also keep you warm. Last but not least, wear a nice pair of socks, preferably woolen ones like those proposed by Pantherella. Check our accessories here.