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Sun is there, spring has come at last and we can finally feel the change in the air. We go out more, we enjoy the weather and some of us return to the office to more or less normal work day. Don’t you feel the need to change something in your everyday outfit, to twist a bit your office garment, to add some colors without slipping into exaggeration? If yes, this article is for you!

The easiest way to spice up your simple business ensemble is to accessorize. It’s like in this saying: “The devil is in the details” and how true it is! The accessories are the small puzzle pieces that, all together, will complete and refresh your outfit. To start with, the tie - it is the most basic and primordial accessory for someone working in a formal environment. We all know casual Fridays or the post-pandemic laxity of dress codes, nevertheless a tie will always be deeply appreciated. It makes you look smarter, neater and it can also express in a way your personality, especially if you are obliged to wear dull dark suits every day. So do not underestimate the value of this long and slim piece of fabric. To complete a formal business suit, choose a tie in a silk jacquard or a more exquisite Shantung silk if your budget allows it. Go with bolder colors to lighter up your ensemble and, if you are a fan of motives, choose a club stripe tie. If your work clothes are a bit less formal and represent a mis-matched ensemble, you can wear a more casual knitted tie. 

Another great accessory is a pocket square. It is even more recommended if you lose the tie but still wear a suit or a blazer. Since a pocket square is not as close to the face as a tie, you can choose one in bolder colors and patterns as long as it creates a harmonized whole with your jacket and shirt. As for the material of this accessory, you can find a lot of options on the market, but the most advisable would be very light cotton or cotton and linen blends. Leave the silk one for more formal occasions. Simonnot-Godard proposes a remake of their vintage collections in typical colorful graphic patterns from the 50-s and 60-s which will be appreciated by those who draw inspiration from classic male elegance.

Now, let’s move on to belts. The first rule says, a belt should be paired with the shoes. We agree, if your ensemble is formal. However, in case of more casual garments, you could choose something more colorful for your waistline. A good selection would be a braided belt composing some colors matching your shoes/trousers to create a harmonized whole. Also, a braided texture evokes less formal wear and more lighter spring stylizations.

Do not forget the socks. They are less exposed to a public view (unless you are faithful to Italian standards and prefer wearing ankle-long trousers), thus we don’t pay so much attention to them. Indeed we should, as it is very important to wear socks made with natural materials that have good thermoregulation and help our skin to breathe. For spring and summer check the colorful palette of Pantherella Sea Island cotton socks.

To know more about different accessories, check our website.

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