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Ferala Team

May is a quite pleasant month, not only because of the weather and longer days, but also because of many holidays that allow us to get some time off. We can leave the city and hit the road for a small break. If you wonder, how to prepare yourself for this kind of voyage, you will find some tips in this article. 

 First of all, what to wear? In case you will spend your long weekend in nature or in a nice leisure spot with spa treatment, the first determinant of your garment should be “comfort”. Choose classic chino trousers in cotton with lycra that will guarantee the maximum ease. If you are not afraid to experiment with colors, ask your tailor for the cotton samples from Holland & Sherry Cotton Classic collection. Go with green, orange or even pastel pink, those colors will give you a nice fresh vibe. Complete the outfit with a braided belt, that always goes well with sport shoes. If you are a jeans type, pack also a pair, preferably in lighter denim with the addition of lycra. When choosing a made-to-measure option, you can be assured that your jeans will not only reflect your personal style but also provide comfortable wear. 

As for the top clothing, focus more on tops and blouses from natural materials like cotton, wool and linen. Your skin should breathe easily and if you choose a fabric with elastane, the garment will not restrict your movements. An ideal option is to select a knitted top and a light pullover to wear during a chilly evening. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the ready-to-wear, you can address your tailor for some advice. Borelio proposes a range of models and materials for your knitwear, thus gives you a possibility to personalize your tops that will match your morphology. As for the shirt, it’s always good to pack one in case you need to look smarter during a dinner. Why not have a shirt sewn in a less classic fabric, with a discreet printed motif? 

Last but not least, you could use a jacket or other outer garment in case of less sunny weather. It can be a simple bomber jacket in neutral colors. For those who appreciate classic male elegance, a light trench will also do the trick. If you are looking for something more original, choose a safari jacket made in lighter fabrics. You will find more information about this type of blazer in future articles.

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As always, accessorize! For a road trip you will need a fancy and solid bag. Check out the Filson collection, created for modern and active men, by combining urban design with functionality. Don’t forget to pack your braided belts as well as cotton Pantherella socks that you can find in a wide variety of colors. Always take with you a light scarf, it’s not only a nice accessory but can come with a rescue in case of cold weather. Protect your head with a cotton or linen cap in modern elongate shape and you are good to go! Check our accessories here.