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Inspired by the timeless, classic safari style, this lightweight safari blazer is a great option for the mid-season. Traditionally you will find this jacket in beige and khaki colors but made to measure proposes more possibilities depending on your personal style. How do we describe this type blazer? 

First of all, its characteristic is lightness obtained thanks to its ultralight construction: no lining (neither inside nor in the sleeves), no plastron nor shoulder pads. The jacket has a fitted silhouette, but it should not be too slim, since it is supposed to ensure great wearing comfort. The best solution to obtain that is to address a tailor who will also make sure of its length that should be a bit longer than a regular business jacket. The safari blazer has four puffed pockets with pleats and flaps and its small collar lapels allow you to close the jacket on higher level. Some models also have a waist belt or a martingale at the back. Its sleeves are finished with shirt-type cuffs, usually with parallel buttons to adjust the circumference. 

Now that you know the elements proper to safari jackets, let us concentrate on the fabric. Since it is a lightweight jacket, it should be made with breathable fabric like linen or cotton. For winter realisations, choose the flannel fabric that will give weight and more structure to the blazer. Try to avoid the strong patterns, they are not compatible with this type of outer garment. Nevertheless, you can play with the colors if the classic khaki tones seem too boring. For summer choose cream, pastel bleu, light grey, for winter you can go with dark green, charcoal or brown. 

Why has it become so popular? The answer is: thanks to its utility and also great looks. When it’s too hot for a proper jacket, but the event calls for something smarter than just a shirt, the safari jacket does the trick. Functional in the outback, smart in a more urban jungle setting it has been eagerly worn by the Hollywood icons, starting from the 40s thus its later popularity. Somewhat forgotten in the 90s this vintage clothing is living its great comeback, also in the female version. Ideal for travelling but also to spend a weekend in a city this piece of garment will be appreciated by active men.

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Fabrics to recommend

For a summer version of a safari jacket the best fabrics would be cotton, linen or the blends of those materials. Nice variety of cottons you will find in Dormeuil’s Naturals catalogue (like a superb blend of cotton and bamboo fibers). If you prefer linen fabrics, check the South Pacific Linen collection from Holland & Sherry. For a winter version of a safari blazer, check the flannels proposed by Holland & Sherry in their various collections.

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