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As a woman you certainly have your proper taste, you know the dos and don'ts of what you keep in a closet and surely you are more aware of your silhouette and its less advantageous traits than an average man. Given all that, searching a perfect piece off the rack can be exhausting and time consuming. Why not seek advice and assistance from an experienced tailor in order to create the clothing reflecting your own style? 

 Let’s focus today on a piece that every woman should have in their wardrobe: a classic blazer. It can be complementary to either skirt, dress or trousers. You can choose a jacket in dark colors in winter and brighter, even pastel colors for summer. You can wear your jacket very short or extra long depending on a style you are looking for. You can opt for a slim one or an oversized one. The options are limitless for women who are not so restrained by the classic rules of a business suit. In this article we will discuss the tweed blazer derived from a classic Chanel model that you could wear with your formal outfits as well as use to complete your chic evening ensemble. 

If you opt for made-to-measure, ask your tailor for the Ladieswear Tweed collection by Holland & Sherry. The Ladieswear Tweed creates a distinctive and colorful collection of fabrics that can be coordinated either with crepe or wool to create a capsule wardrobe for an active professional. Inspired by nature, this bunch shows neatly woven tweeds in a vast arrange of colors from black to apple green and red. For those who like a sparkling touch, Holland & Sherry proposes some materials interspersed with shiny and metallic threads, ideal for an evening outfit. As the fabric itself is very textured, it goes well with exaggerated boutons like gold, silver or metallic ones. To follow a classic Chanel style, order your jacket with patch pockets, that you can also add on the chest. Regarding the collar type, go either with small notch lapels or go big with wide peaked lapels to draw attention to your upper body. Keep a classic length for your blazer that should arrive just above the hip level. However, the sleeves can be a bit longer and flared at the bottom to add a more feminine allure. Usually we wear this type of jacket quite adjusted to nicely highlight the waist. 

 The made-to-measure gives you the advantage to decide what is right for you regarding your personal style as well as silhouette requirements. You have the possibility to choose the smallest details on the jacket as well as inside (lining, initials, inside pockets) that will create a piece fully dedicated to your needs. Last but not least, a tailored blazer will suit you like a second skin and give you a comfort of wearing. You will also appreciate breathable aspects of natural wool fibers that won’t overheat the skin. So, let yourself be tempted by a Ladieswear Tweed collection and start your journey with made-to-measure.

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