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The classic 2-pieces ensemble is proposed by practically all ready-to-wear brands in all price ranges. Nevertheless, very often the offer leaves much to be desired in terms of quality or cut not adjusted to every silhouette. If you are looking for a perfectly cut suit with a twist of originality, you might opt for a tailor made one.

In this article we will present a mismatched ensemble, which is easy to combine with various tops and blouses. It can also give you more freedom in terms of colours and, depending on the style you are aiming for, it can be more or less formal. First things first, a mismatched suit means that a jacket is made from a different fabric than the trousers (or skirt). Just make sure that the whole is well harmonized and do not exaggerate with the fabric’s pattern. If you like strong motifs, choose them rather for your blazer than for the bottom of your outfit. Large patterns optically make us bigger, so it is better to use them on the top of your outfit, unless you have an apple-like silhouette  (large breasts, no waistline and slim legs) then you can go for the opposite. 

To succeed with a mismatched set, the colors of the top and bottom should be different in tone - light vs dark. You won’t make a mistake if the color of the trousers, for example, will be found in the pattern of the jacket that can be much lighter itself. If you are a fan of vibrant colors and you want to introduce them in your spring uniforms, choose them rather for your trousers and keep your blazer in a simple navy-blue color that will tone down the ensemble and make it more formal for the office. Made-to-measure options will though allow you to add some fun details like printed lining or the sleeve’s buttonholes in a contrasting color.

Regarding the cut of your suit, it all depends on your morphology as well as on the style you are aiming for. Tailor made gives you a lot of options in that matter and you can choose from oversized models to skinny ones. For one jacket you can order two different trousers, that will allow you to wear it in a different way for various occasions. The possibilities are almost limitless, thus the mismatched ensemble is a good option to maximise the utility of such. 

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How to complete the mismatched ensemble? If you opt for a formal style, the best would be a classic cotton white shirt. It will be appropriate for any business event and pure cotton will give you comfort throughout the day. For a more delicate look you could wear a silk blouse in a natural cream color. In case of a regular work day, you can wear a simple cotton blouse or a knitted one in case of cold weather.

Fabrics to recommend

For your blazer choose a discreet pattern, ask your tailor for the Jackets collection by Loro Piana or the Amadeus Action one by Dormeuil. Regarding the trousers, check for a bit heavier wool like from the Gabardine series from Holland & Sherry. In winter it can also be flannel from the same supplier. Consult here our suppliers.