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Ferala Team

There you are again, locked-down at home to carry out your work. Home office is back and so are all kinds of improbable outfits, such as the t-shirt-boxers, the shirt with the pijama bottoms, the tracksuit and especially the famous combination of jacket-shirt-tie-boxers and the unmissable flip flops-socks combo (very popular among our German neighbors).

No, none of this corresponds to your duty to be a professional in all circumstances, while the key word of this confinement is PROFESSIONALISM. Because yes, you are now better organized than during the first lockdown, you no longer want to be surprised by last minute videoconferences and therefore your outfits are adapted, comfortable and elegant.

Here are some tips for your ideal outfit adapted to home office:


The denim shirt is making a big comeback, it will give you an impression of a weekend that lasted a bit longer or being a kind of urban adventurer. This sort of fabric is especially comfortable if combined with elastane. For those more sensitive to cold, a nice plain shirt (light gray or blue) in a beautiful flannel will do just fine. Click here to see more.

The CANCLINI brand offers a very nice range of shirts that are both comfortable and elegant in their new “Trendy” collection.


Why not a very elegant jersey knit pants as offered by Loro Piana in their new collection "The Smarter Trousers" which combines the absolute comfort of a tracksuit and the chic of a suit trousers. An alternative would be chinos or beautifully tailored jeans, preferably made in a cotton - elastane blend to be comfortable while you sit all day.

Since you stay at home, don’t worry about your shoes. A nice pair of socks, PANTHERELLA of course, will do the trick.

Now, all you have to do, is to be elegant, confined and take care of yourself!

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Fabrics to recommend:

For the shirt, choose a Canclini flannel or an Oxford weave cotton that is less formal but at the same time very elegant. As for the pants, choose the material with an addition of elastane as in the collection of Loro Piana The Smarter Trousers. See more of our suppliers by clicking here.


Ties, pocket squares or cufflinks will have to wait. For a touch of elegance, put on a braided belt and a nice pair of Pantherella socks, which this time you can choose in bolder colors. Check more of our accessories.