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December is the time of the year dedicated to Christmas preparations, hot wine and warm sweaters. We think less about work and we dress warmer and much less formal, especially when working from home. But what if your sense of style doesn't allow you to settle for a sweater or turtleneck? The perfect answer can be found in a blazer.

A blazer is a less formal jacket which, unlike a suit, can have many variations, and thus allows more freedom in term of style. By choosing the bespoke option, you can create a personalized piece that will complement your wardrobe while paying homage to your individual taste. So, starting with the choice of fabric, you will have a large range of options. Think about how you will use the jacket, whether you will put it on for work, or rather afterwards, whether you want to wear it to family gatherings or physical activities like walking, hunting etc. All of this will determine the appropriate thickness and type of fabric. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and appreciate English flair, the Holland & Sherry "Moorland Tweeds" and "Sherry Tweed" collections will be an excellent choice. An equally interesting collection is the "Woodland" one, from Dormeuil, which offers a fairly thick wool in beautiful checks.

If you are looking for a fabric that is both warm and elegant at the same time, you can choose a flannel. Holland & Sherry offers many collections ranging from plain flannels in a rich color palette to those with patterns. If your wallet allows it, the fabric containing cashmere will be the most interesting option. Here, Loro Piana is definitely the leader by offering many collections such as "Cashmere", "Casmere Wish", "Proposte Giacche" among others.

Your blazer can be more daring, with designs like windowpane checks, herringbones or a prince of wales. You can try a less formal personalization and choose for example patch pockets or add patches on the elbows. Made to measure also allows you to choose a printed lining or contrasting buttonholes and buttons.

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Recommended fabrics:

Choose a flannel from Holland & Sherry or 100% wool in the weight between 290g and 380g to keep you warm. If you have a solid budget for your jacket, choose a material with an addition of cashmere such as in the Loro Piana Cashmere Wish collection. See more of our suppliers by clicking here.


For a touch of elegance, put on a pocket square, which you can choose in bold colors, as proposed by Simonnot-Godard. On colder days, a light wool scarf is recommended, in colors that slightly contrast with the tone of your jacket. Check more of our accessories.