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The pre-Christmas fever has set in and it's time to think about your gifts. Like every year you wonder what to offer to your loved ones while keeping a tight budget at the same time. Here are some advices that will help and guide you in this tricky task.

A timeless present will be a cashmere scarf. Warm, enveloping, it is suitable as an accessory for sporty or elegant outfits, for women and for men. Depending on the person, you can choose the appropriate length, width and pattern. We recommend the camel and beige colors, which will contrast nicely with the normally dark winter coats.

For men who appreciate style, a pocket square is an original gift. There are many fabrics to choose from, but if it is a gift it should be made of silk or a finely woven cotton. This season, Simonnot-Godard is offering handmade pocket squares from their Archival collection. The fineness of the cotton makes it almost transparent, and the hand-rolled edges reveal the art of unprecedented craftsmanship. Each of these pochettes is delivered in a beautiful, elegant box emphasizing the status of a masterpiece of the item.

For traditionalist gentlemen, a handmade tie is the perfect gift. Atelier Boivin offers a collection of ties sewn in fabrics specially designed for this brand and woven in France by small craftsmen. By offering this type of piece, you are sure of its origin and you will support European craftsmanship at the same time.

Another idea, especially for those who like a touch of jewelry, will be a nice pair of cufflinks. But not just any: we recommend the British brand Tateossian, which offers handcrafted cufflinks. Among their collections you will find a more traditional proposition including cufflinks with stones or fashion collections for men looking for more daring patterns.

You can complete your gift with a pair of socks from Pantherella’s Winter collection. This British brand offers beautiful series made of high-quality fabrics that will be appreciated by your loved ones.

Also remember the proper packaging - a nicely wrapped gift will put a smile on the face of the person who receives it!

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