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A job interview, especially early in your career, can be very stressful. However, choosing the right outfit will give you confidence and allow you to give the best possible impression to your recruiters. Here are some tips to make it happen successfully.

After learning about the corporate culture of the company you want to join, don't take any chances and opt for a classic “suit and tie” outfit. Even though in the post-pandemic world we are all less strict with dress codes,  a job interview requires us to maintain the appropriate look. For your suit, choose solid colors, preferably navy blue or dark gray, made of 100% wool. You can also differentiate yourself from other candidates, by using a discreet touch of originality for the fabric of your suit: a melted small check or a subtle honeycomb pattern, for example. The cut of your suit must be impeccable. Sleeves that are too long or pants that are too wide will prevent you from feeling comfortable. Investing in a tailor-made suit is a wise choice. Your outfit will be completely adjusted to your figure, make you feel good and make you look as convincing as possible to get your first job.

Regarding the shirt, it will be immaculate white, cut from an elegant fabric, pure cotton, and preferably with a weave of the poplin or twill type. Remember to iron your shirt well so as not to give the impression of neglect. And above all, always button the last button under the neck. Many men leave their collars unbuttoned for comfort and try to cover it with a tie which gives a messy look. Another good reason to wear a perfectly fitted shirt, especially at the collar.

Complete your outfit with accessories, rather plain so as not to distract attention from your face, such as a grenadine silk tie, in sober colors. Regarding the shoes, they must be leather, and of course waxed and in a color that matches your belt.

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Fabric ideas

Opt for an Italian fabric in super 110's wool from Vitale Barberis Canonico. This will allow you to put on a stylish, high-quality wool suit without exceeding your budget.


Keep it simple and avoid strong colors or patterns on your tie. If you want to put a pocket square, choose a simple white cotton pocket square to match your shirt.