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Ferala Team

Your hard work has finally paid off and you have the opportunity to advance in your career by reaching a position of responsibility. Your recruiters will have expectations as high as the position you want. You will need to boost your outfit and appear, more than ever, to live up to your ambitions.

The fundamentals do not change, your suit must be blue or gray. However, to assert your position and your ambitions, opt for one in a beautiful Italian or English fabric, preferably in pure wool or in a blend of wool and cashmere. The fabric can be plain or with herringbone or discreet check patterns. If you want to express your style more, choose a double breasted jacket. Its perfect cut will highlight your figure and be an element that will set you apart from other candidates.

Complete your outfit with a classic white shirt, but with a pure two-ply cotton fabric, as proposed by the famous English house Thomas Mason. This will ensure the hold of the fabric, while providing comfort and ease of maintenance on a daily basis. It is recommended to choose an “easy care” type cotton, which will be less prone to wrinkling and will thus allow you to look neat even after a few hours.

For accessories, try to avoid bright colors. If you want to add a fashionable touch, go for the double buckle shoes and a pocket square to match your shirt.

However, as pretty as your outfit is, it will be nothing if the cut of your clothes doesn't suit your body type. The tailor-made will satisfy you for that and will allow you to be sure to present you in your best light. You assert your personality with taste and elegance while showing yourself unique.

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Fabric ideas:

Opt for an Italian fabric in super 150's wool like “Winter Tasmanian” by Loro Piana or an English fabric like “Sloane Square” by Holland & Sherry.


The tie is mandatory, however you can afford a little more daring patterns to stand out in the eyes of recruiters. Cufflinks will be an interesting accessory, adding elegance and maybe even a topic to start a conversation if there is a connoisseur of this piece of jewelry in front of you.