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The history of bomber jackets is over a hundred years old. And yet we still discuss it in 2021. This invention of the American army first came into life as a flight jacket for pilots who needed a short and comfortable coat in their plane cockpits. After several liftings and modifications, it was popularized in the 60ties and became accessible to non-military customers. The bomber jacket has been worn by Hollywood icons, punks, skinheads, adepts of grunge and alternative music and finally by almost everyone when fast fashion retailers introduced this item into their collections in the early 2000s. 

The classic bomber jacket is known for its cropped length and rather loose cut, especially in the shoulders that are supposed to give the silhouette more volume on the upper body. Another specific detail of this item are the ribbed collars as well as elastic waist and cuff bands. Its cut is rather simple, with two slash pockets and a zip closing. And this simplicity may explain its success over decades as well as its unisex character and facility to be combined with any garment underneath.

Today, the bomber jacket celebrates, once again, its comeback. With the changes in our dressing imposed by the pandemic and work from home we tend to choose “reassuring” clothes, comfortable enough but still looking “hot” in case we accidently meet our neighbour while doing groceries shopping during lunch break. The bomber jacket does just that - and today this item is reinvented with luxurious fabrics and can be worn with a track suit as well as skinny jeans and fitted shirt.

The made-to-measure sector also calls for this jacket introducing many possibilities to refresh its design and let you have a unique piece. Starting with the fabric, you can choose from high quality wool or indulge yourself with 100% cashmere to create a sublime outerpiece. You can also customize its form and choose boutons or zip closing as well as the form of the pockets and color of the cuff and waist rims. Made-to-measure allows you to also add customizations like the color of the lining or of your initials, sem hand stitching or a form of the collar.

Last but not least, the tailored option is specially appreciated by people with non-standard silhouettes. Since the bomber jacket has a cropped length, it may be too short for taller men when bought off-the-rack. The made-to-measure takes into account all customer’s measures to ensure the proper look and the comfort of wearing. 

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Fabrics ideas

For fall and winter versions of bomber jackets, opt for flannel that will give you warmth and a cozy sensation when wearing. For warmer seasons you can choose from lighter wool or various blends of wool, linen, silk and cotton.