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Ferala Team

Today we are going to present to you some clothing tips that are easy to apply if you are tall and slim. Indeed, you have certainly known the problems of sleeves that are too short, jackets and shirts that are too wide, or pants that are too short and too loose. To solve or avoid these and in order to feel good in your clothes, what better way than to consult a tailor and opt for a tailored outfit?

For your suit, it is important to avoid a fabric with vertical lines, which will only further lengthen your figure. Opt instead for a fabric with more or less marked patterns, such as checks. Also pay close attention to the cut of your jacket: it should widen the top of your bust, while slimmering your waist. Consider wearing a belt: it will visually define the top of the bottom of your figure.

The pants must be well cut and long enough to reach the level of your ankles. A good tip is to opt for a wide 4cm cuff, which will lengthen less your legs. With this type of figure, you can afford to wear the gurkha pants described in the previous article. These pants optically give a bit of roundness around the hips and in combination with a turtleneck can create a comfortable and interesting ensemble when working from home.

The shirt, on the other hand, will preferably be plain with sleeves long enough to allow the sleeves to protrude by about 1 cm from the sleeves of your jacket. If you work from home, you can afford bolder shirt designs such as checks or printed patterns.

In summary, it will be difficult to find a set suited to your body type in ready-to-wear. It will therefore be easier to move towards tailor-made to feel comfortable in your clothes.

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Fabrics to recommend:

For your suit, opt for a plain fabric or in a check pattern like Summer Ascot or Gostwyck by Holland & Sherry. In winter you can choose a more heavy fabric like flannel or tweed in window pane checks that will optically enlarge the thorax.  See more of our partners.


For accessories, a light cheche in summer or a cashmere scarf in winter will widen your shoulders. A nice pocket square will also draw the eye to your upper body. Check out our accessories.