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Ferala Team

We will now how a look at the athletic silhouette, whose particularities are: very developed biceps and torso, broad shoulders and a rather slim waist. With such a morphology, you will rarely find your happiness in ready-to-wear.

For your suit, preferably choose fabrics with vertical patterns to soften the appearance of your figure. Better to forget about the checks, which will give a too square shape of the torso and amplify the width of your shoulders. Concerning the jacket, it is imperative to opt for a shoulder size large enough to provide you freedom in your movements.

Also avoid too narrow collar cuffs, which will give a disproportionate appearance to your silhouette.


The cut of your jacket should be well suited to your size, fitted enough to show off your figure, but not overdone. A waist that's too accentuated will give a disproportionate impression in comparison with the wide shoulders.

The same rules apply when choosing your shirt. It should not be too tight on your arms, as you may feel uncomfortable and damage the fabric when you move. If you are looking for a well-fitted shirt that is comfortable to wear at the same time, the best option is to go for tailor-made.

In short, with the ready-to-wear, you take the risk of investing in numerous alterations, without guarantee of results. The choice of tailor-made allows you to feel comfortable directly in your clothes, while guaranteeing perfect elegance.

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Fabrics to recommend:

As for your suit, opt for a plain fabric or in a striped pattern like Bouclana by Holland & Sherry or Australis Natural Strech by Loro Piana. The fabric with elastane will give you greater wearing comfort, especially if you like a very slim cut. See more of our partners.


It is not necessary to highlight your torso with too pronounced accessories, a simple white pocket square is enough for you. As for the tie, choose a classic width, thin will not harmonize with broad shoulders. Check out our accessories.