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Are you short and thin and want to wear clothes that can add you a few inches? This article is for you!

First of all, think about verticality! Indeed, nothing should cut your body line, from head to toe. If you opt for tailor-made, you will have a wide choice of fabrics with stripes, herringbones or another pattern that can give more volume and lenght to your silhouette. When you're thin, you can afford to wear all types of fabrics. On the other side, opt for classic finishes for the jacket with a more pronounced shoulder shape and more compact construction.

It is important to always emphasize your shoulders and your torso (the eye should be drawn to these parts of the body) in order to create a "V" in the shape of the silhouette. Of course, the jacket must be adjusted to highlight your slim waist. The length of the jacket should be chosen accordingly, short people may wear it a little shorter to optically extend the legs.

Regarding the pants, they must be semi-slim but not skinny. Choose carrot cuts, which give volume to the thighs while tightening at the bottom. Adjust the length well. If it is too short, it will visually compress your legs. Forget about the cuffs, which will optically shorten your legs.

The V-shaped rule for the upper body will also work for shirts. Wear them fitted and adapt the length of the sleeves well. Avoid collars that are too long on the tips, it is better to choose a cut-away collar that will give a rounder appearance to the face.

Verticality, the "V" for the shape of the body and the adjusted clothing cuts will be your best advices to be elegant while visually gaining a few centimeters.

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Fabrics to recommend:

Opt for a fabric in a checked pattern like Bouclana from Holland & Sherry or Jackets from Loro Piana. You can afford to wear bright colors, especially in summer, and heavier fabrics in winter. The classic Holland & Sherry tweed or chalk striped flannel will add volume to your figure. See more of our fabrics.


The best and most classic accessory is a tie - this optically lengthens the figure, but be careful that it is not too wide. Anything that draws attention to your face is recommended - so wear scarves and shawls. If you want to add a few inches to your stature, hats are a good option. In winter it can be a tweed cap, like those offered by City Sport Cap, in summer a classic panama hat. Check out our accessories.