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Ferala Team

You don’t fit the mold, and ready-to-wear offers few options? Take the first step towards the made-to-measure in order to wear elegant clothes adjusted to your figure, while being comfortable! Here are some easy-to-follow tips if you have some abdominal roundness.

First, let's focus on what not to do:

´ Wear clothes that are too loose (which will visually enlarge and widen your figure) or too small (which will only accentuate your curves).

´ Choose materials that are too fluid (which mark more the imperfections of the silhouette) or too thick (which will weigh down your posture).

´ Wear patterns, such as horizontal lines (which will emphasize your abdomen), or massive patterns (large check, etc.)

But then, what to do?
In order to find the suit that will highlight nice features of your figure, the following rules should be applied:

For the design of the jacket, one of the keys to success lies in respecting the harmony of the proportions between the bust and the stomach area. Bet on more volume at the shoulders, to draw attention to your upper body. Make sure your jacket is well adjusted on the abdomen level to mark your waist. Its fronts must also frame the pelvis well. A good idea is to opt for a double breasted suit, which will hide your stomach, but also to choose a 3-piece suit, with a waistcoat, which will visually slim down your figure.

Regarding the pants, a classic cut with a slightly fitted cut at bottom is recommended. If you choose to proceed with tailor-made, you can decide whether you will wear the trousers on the stomach or under it, and thus adjust the lenght of the crotch. This will significantly improve not only the wearing comfort but also your appearance. This type of figure requires wearing a belt, because even well-sized pants may fall slightly from the waist. If you are not a fan of belts, it is a good idea to wear suspenders, which are a returning fashion accessory.

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Fabrics to recommend:

Choose a plain or semi-plain fabric, ideally in collections suitable for the whole year such as Royal Mile from Holland & Sherry or Four Seasons from Loro Piana. The English house Huddersfield offers interesting collections of fabrics in classic colors and discreet patterns. You can opt for Dormeuil, whose fabrics with a slightly heavier weight will give the outfit more compact and thus they will better cover silhouette defects. See more of our suppliers.


If your figure is characterized by a large belly, the most common problem will be a tie that is too short. Choose a tailor-made tie, as this will ensure that this accessory fits your height and figure. Paolo Albizatti offers such a possibility thanks to the rich collection of fabrics, models and finishes that will make you wear a personalized tie adapted to your needs. Check our accessories.