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Ferala Team

The famous cashmere… Everyone knows it, everyone desires it. But what exactly is cashmere and what qualities does it provide to our suits and coats?   

Cashmere is obtained from the hair of the Capra Hircus goats, living in the Tibetan highlands and the Himalayan region, and mainly in Mongolia. This animal produces a particularly fine, soft and warm wool to protect itself from the harsh winter conditions. Their hair have adapted to the climate in which they live, producing two layers: the outer part that protects against the cold wind - made of long, coarse and stiff hair, and the inner part that keeps the body at the right temperature - consisting of light and soft undercoat. It is from this down layer that cashmere, the most expensive wool in the world, is made.    

Cashmere wool is only obtained once a year, usually in spring by combing goats’ coats. It is a very  hard work that requires a lotof patience. The amount of raw material is therefore limited and the entire process is labor-intensive, which is why the wool obtained in this way is so precious. 


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Thanks to strong climate conditions as well as the delicate and manual process of retrieving the wool fibers, the hair of the cashmere goat are the softest, most resistant and warmest there is. It is the most ideal material for winter coats as well as blazers and suits, not mentioning the knitwear. It can also be easily blended with other materials like wool or silk to obtain a fabric for lighter garments for summer.   

Originally, the wool was obtained in the Kashmir region, hence the name. Currently, cashmere goats are mainly bred in China and Mongolia and their breeding is largely controlled by Italians, English, Japanese and Scots.  


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How do you best use cashmere fabric in the made to measure? Primarily for your winter coats. It is the best thermoregulatory fabric, which is additionally not heavy and does not scratch like tweed or mohair. Cashmere is also great for winter jackets. You can decide to choose toned down, natural colors to emphasize the exclusivity of this material or to choose strong patterns and distinctive color combinations. As for your suits, blends of cashmere and fine wool are recommended to take additional weight off the garment. Whatever you choose, the budget for a cashmere fabric will be considerable, but with proper maintenance, you can enjoy the garment for years to come. 


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Fabrics to recommend

The undisputed leader in the production of cashmereis Loro Piana. This Italian house proposes collections consisting of 100%cashmere fabrics as well as blends of wool and cashmere in their collection “Cashmere Wish”. For your lighter jacketing you can choose the “Cashmere Cloud& Sunset” proposing the mix of cashmere and silk in pastel colors ideal for summer.