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Ferala Team

This special time of the year reminds us that we should cherish love and appreciate our family and friends. Speaking of which, have you already thought about Christmas gifts? To help you in this task we have prepared a selection of classy and simple items that would satisfy even the most demanding ones. All disclosed accessories are available in our offer.


This piece of jewelry is simple but very effective. Cufflinks can be gold or silver, with simple patterns or encrusted with semi precious stones or mother-of-pearl. For those who appreciate the craftsmanship we recommend the British brand Tateossian, which offers handcrafted cufflinks. Among their collections you will find a more traditional proposition including cufflinks with stones or fashion collections for men looking for more daring patterns.

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Tweed cap and cashmere scarf set

Nothing more appropriate in winter than a cashmere scarf. Warm, enveloping, it is suitable as an accessory for sporty or elegant outfits. We recommend the camel and beige colors, which will contrast nicely with the normally dark winter coats but still go well with almost any skin tone. To complete this set choose a warm woolen cap, ideally in cashmere or in Harris Tweed. Opt for a  flat form, which is more modern.

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Silk tie and pocket square set

This timeless selection will always be appreciated by the traditionalists. Even if we don’t wear a tie every day, one must have a decent set available for special occasions. A hand stitched tie made with high quality silk in a discreet pattern will be appreciated for years. Pair it with a silk or cotton pocket square in resembling colors or in plain white, that will always fit any formal shirt. 

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Pure leather gloves, even if they can be a bit pricey, are a unique gift as the recipient can enjoy it for years. The only drawback is that you should know the size of gloves before purchasing. The gloves can be in all sorts of leather, from peccary till deer, lined with silk or with cashmere but we recommend to go for a classic model and colors such as black, camel and brown.

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Handmade handkerchief

This accessory can be very appreciated by older men. The handkerchiefs come in a bigger size and most likely in cotton than silk. We especially recommend the mouchoirs of Simonnot-Godard. The fineness of the cotton makes it almost transparent, and the hand-rolled edges reveal the art of unprecedented craftsmanship. In addition, Simonnot-Godard evokes the past by playing with vintage patterns. 

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This vintage item in masculine fashion has been living its second life since men watch the TV show “Peaky Blinders” and refuse to shave their beards. Suspenders have undergone a metamorphosis from grandfather’s accessories used to support trousers to a fashionable men’s accessory who looks for bold accents in his wardrobe. A benchmark in terms of style and quality for this notable men's fashion item is Albert Thurston founded 200 years ago in England, producing all his braces by hand respecting the traditional craftsmanship.

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We hope this selection will ease your quest for gifts and if you still cannot decide what to choose the last option would be a gift card. This way the recipient can decide what he needs at best and may also use it for a made to measure item.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, peaceful holidays and a Happy New Year.