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Ferala Team

March is an extremely intense month in our boutique, as it is the time when orders for wedding suits should be placed. We meet a lot of men looking for inspiration for various types of celebrations and we notice that many of them need advice on what is fashionable today and what fits their figure and personality. This is important because the final effect must be liked not only by the groom, but also by his fiancée, parents, guests, and the different styles of this demanding audience must be reconciled.

Where to start? Our first advice is to think over what you personally like. It’s nice to hear the advice of other people but you should be the centre of attention and it is you who will wear the suit. Everybody has a unique personality and unique style and you should make use of it while personalising your wedding attire. It’s this special occasion where you can forget about the dull blue suits and be creative. If you are a person who never dresses in more formal wear and you have a vague idea of what might be good for you, a good way to start is online research. That helps you visualise different cuts, models, colours and personalisations. Next step can be a visit to a tailor shop. At Ferala we begin the meeting by questioning a groom about his needs and whether he already has a specific idea. It’s also important for us to know more about the venue, type of decorations, theme of a wedding etc. to be in accordance while showing the fabric samples. This interview helps us to better understand the person in front of us in order to quickly propose a selection of fabrics that might fit his needs.


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Another advice is putting your trust in professionals. We know from experience that it is difficult to imagine the final suit based on a scrap of fabric and with selected personalizations. Many men are therefore afraid of visiting a tailor and prefer to look in stores where they can try on ready-made suits. This is a big advantage after all, but it has its drawbacks, such as the fact that you have to spend a lot of time and patience looking for the right shops, going there and trying on several outfits in each of them. Even if you find something that meets your requirements, there will be tailoring adjustments, both time-consuming and expensive. As a groom, you also want to feel special and comfortable at the same time, and this will ensure a tailor-made suit. We are here to help you in your choices and make sure that the final effect is perfectly adapted to your silhouette. It should be an unforgettable experience and the fact that we get to know the effect only within a few weeks makes the customer's joy even greater at the end because the effect usually exceeds expectations. Therefore, you should not be afraid of tailor-made experience and let yourself be guided by a professional tailoring consultant. And if that doesn't help, you can be accompanied by your future wife, your best man or your mother. If a person who knows you well helps you choose the colour and personalization, it gives you a sense of peace and trust in the process.


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Made to measure takes time so, if you are interested in ordering your suit, you should anticipate the purchase at least 4 months in advance. This is a process that should not be rushed. We prefer to arrange a few meetings with the client so that he is sure of his choices. Time is also necessary for fittings and alterations on your ready suit.

If you are interested in ordering your wedding suit, book an appointment with us.