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Another year is coming to an end and this time, hopefully, we will be able to celebrate with our families and friends. Gala dinners, Christmas parties at the office, and private celebrations on New Year’s Eve will demand this time a bit more preparation in terms of garments than working from home. This article will focus on velvet tuxedo and its less formal combinations to give you different inspiration depending on your holiday projects. 

Velvet has always been associated with luxury and opulence of royal garments. Nowadays, velvet makes it the perfect choice for any formal event that requires a degree of elegance and sophistication. If you are thinking of spending New Year’s Eve by attending a formal gala dinner, you can follow a classic dress code and choose a simple black tuxedo, a topic already discussed in one of our articles (link here). When choosing a made-to-measure option, you can opt for a black velvet tuxedo to add more charisma to your ensemble. Nevertheless, you should follow the strict rules of this dress code in terms of shirt and accessories. 

More relaxed way of wearing a velvet garment would be to mismatch the jacket and the trousers. You can choose a velvet fabric for your jacket and classic wool for your trousers. The jacket should be kept in a tuxedo style: shawl or peaked lapels must be covered with black satin, as well as the welts of the pockets and of course the buttons. The jacket itself can be a straight single bouton or a double breasted if you don’t mind wearing it closed all night long. Regarding the colour of velvet, you can opt for the classics like royal blue, bottle green or burgundy. As for the trousers, they should be black, to tone down the whole outfit and match the black satin of the lapels. To add style to this look, wear a black satin tuxedo belt. This mismatched ensemble should be worn with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bowtie. 

For gentlemen that like unconventional combinations, you can try to match your velvet tuxedo jacket with a black gurkha pants. This type of trousers are worn with a high waist and with a pair of suspenders that can give a vintage look to the whole outfit. You can lose a tie but make sure your shirt is well cut and adjusted to your morphology so everything will give an impression of being well harmonized.

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Fabrics ideas

The best collection to recommend would be the “Luxury Velvets” by Holland & Sherry where you will find amazing deep colours for your jacket and will appreciate the softness of the fabric. Regarding the trousers you can choose a deep black wool in gabardine or in satin weaving.


The most important accessory is a classic bowtie - preferably in black satin fabric to match the lapels of the jacket. If you are looking for a more classic look wear a black tuxedo belt. For a more vintage touch look into the Albert Thurston collection for a nice pair of suspenders.