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Ferala Team

Summer is the perfect season to wear lightweight and perfectly tailored clothing that keeps you looking stylish and cool even in hot weather.

Colors are an essential part of fashion, it's agood way to stand out and show your personality. When you opt for made-to-measure clothing, you have the option of choosing colors that perfectly suit your complexion and your style while maintaining maximum comfort. To help orient you, here are some of the best colors for your outfits this summer.

Light blue

Light blue is a soft and refreshing color that is perfect for summer weather. Timeless, it reminds us of the ocean, beaches and sunny days. Light blue is a very good choice for tailored shirts as well as chinos. On the other hand, many grooms choose this tone for their wedding suit, to give a little liveliness to their outfit on D-Day.

Light blue goes very well and can be worn with other light colors, such as white, beige or pastel yellow.


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Light pink

Pink is a bright and bold color, which matches perfectly with summer outfits. Indeed, it reflects very well the atmosphere of the summer season, and brings lightness, adding color and personality to one’s wardrobe. It is particularly popular for made-to-measure shirts, as well as accessories such as ties or pocket squares.

Light pink is especially recommended for tanned skin, and on the contrary is not recommended for pale complexions so as not to make the whole look too bland.


You can also opt for green this summer! Green is a lively color, reminiscent of nature and plants, creating a fresh atmosphere to your look. Green shirts are a perfect choice for casual summer outfits, while dark green suits are a great choice for more formal occasions. This color pairs well with lighter tones such as beige or off-white. The most popular shades of green this year are mint, sage and khaki.


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Beige is a classic and elegant color that is suitable for all seasons and all situations. It is especially popular for wedding suits this summer. Its main advantage is that it combines easily with other colors, allowing you to create a variety of looks. Also, beige can be easily combined with natural materials and light textures, such as linen and cotton: popular choices for summer clothing because of their comfort.

The patterns
Wearing patterns this summer is a trendy way to give character to your outfit, but also to add some variety. They bring color and catch the eye. The main patterns are stripes and checks, but you can also opt for fantasy with polka dot, floral or even geometric motives. In summer, flower patterns are particularly popular, as they add a touch of lightness to the outfit.

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Whether you opt for a suit, shirt, trousers or jacket, it is best to consult your tailor who will be able to advise you in choosing the colors and patterns that best suit your style and the occasion.