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Ferala Team

Your wedding day is a special event and usually happens only once in a lifetime. If you want to assert the uniqueness of this ceremony, we propose a very formal outfit that will consist of a jaquette (morning coat), trousers and a waistcoat.

A morning coat is a type of jacket, which extends laterally below the waist, with the slits in the back reaching the knees. It is characterized by peaked lapels with a buttonhole on a left lapel, no pockets and an Italian buttoning (a buttonhole on each side of the jacket and a double button). As for the color, opt for a graphite or possibly black plain fabric.

The trousers of this set must be contrasted with the jacket. The preferred color is lighter gray and the fabric must be in fine stripes. Traditionally, the pants are high waist, they are worn without a belt but with suspenders.

The waistcoat will be the element of the outfit that will bring originality because you can choose from several colors (gray, graphite, beige) and several cuts (straight, double breasted). You can opt for the collar with lapels especially in the case of a double breasted waistcoat.

To complete this set you will need a formal white shirt with cuffs for wearing cufflinks. Traditionally, a jaquette shirt is worn with a tie, today we allow ourselves to break with the strict rules and wear a shirt incorporating a piqué bib on the front and a wing collar with a bow tie.

An outfit consisting of a morning coat is a very formal proposition for the groom and it will only be worn for the ceremony itself or during the day. Therefore, for the evening, the groom should change and choose a more appropriate outfit, such as a tuxedo for example.

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As for the accessories, they must respect the classic rules of this ensemble. Your shoes will be black, preferably Oxfords. For a better hold of the trousers, we recommend the Albert Thurston suspenders. The pocket square must be white, in fine cotton, as proposed by Simonnot-Godard. You have more freedom with the color of your tie, which can be cream, light blue, gray or even pale pink. Check out our accessories.

Fabrics to recommend

As for the jacket and the waistcoat, choose 100% wool, rather light, like the one offered by Loro Piana in the Tasmanian collection. The pants can be made in a slightly heavier fabric, it is better to look in the collections of the English brand Holland & Sherry.