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A bohemian-style suit is a less formal solution, chosen for weddings that take place outdoors or in a rustic location. This type of outfit gives us a lot of freedom in terms of customization and fabric selection.

Starting with the fabric, the most recommended colors are beige, bottle green and burgundy, although bolder tones such as sky blue or pastel pink are also found. The best material for a suit is wool, we can recommend many collections, such as "Amadeus" from Dormeuil or "Target Gabardine" from Holland & Sherry. The bohemian style also allows more freedom in this case, you can choose a fabric with a mixed composition like the "Mare" collection by Loro Piana, which offers wool mixed with linen and silk. In terms of texture, better to choose plain fabrics, which will make it easier for you to accessorize.

The style of the jacket can be classic or more casual, you can choose a straight or double breasted cut and play with different types of lapels, from classic notched to peaked ones. The collar and lapels can be finished with topstitching. As for the pockets, they can be made with flaps or, in the less formal option, patched.

The pants of a bohemian suit can be finished with cuffs at the bottom. If your style is more vintage, we recommend the gurkha pants, which we described in one of our previous articles. You can ditch the belt and choose suspenders that will complete the whole look in an interesting way.

The whole outfit can be completed with a waistcoat, usually in a different fabric but harmonizing with the dominant tone of the suit. The waistcoat can be straight or double breasted and finished with a lapel collar for more character.

Since this type of outfit is less formal, the shirt should stay classic white. Beware of cream or ivory tones, if the color of your suit is beige, it is best to seek advice from your tailor. The fabric of the shirt can be twill or oxford, like those offered by Canclini or Soktas. It is better to choose one with an Italian or semi-Italian collar.

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When it comes to accessories, you have a lot more freedom. Colors can be brighter, and if your suit fabric is plain, wear a bow tie or tie with patterns. We have already mentioned the suspenders that will enrich your outfit and give it a unique character. Consult the collections of the English brand of Albert Thurston. See more accessories.

Fabrics to recommend

Fabrics to recommend: Choose a slightly thicker fabric that will give structure to your suit. We recommend the collections of the French brand Dormeuil. Equally interesting are the Mare and Proposte Abiti bundles by Loro Piana, where you will find fabrics with mixed compositions.