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A winter coat is an investment, so we would like to show you what to pay attention to when choosing it to invest your money wisely. There is a huge selection in stores with ready-to-wear collections, which does not always make things easier for us. If you don't know what to consider when buying a coat, we recommend you read this article until the end.

The most important aspect is the fabric. The basic choice is sheep wool, due to its large availability and strong durability. Luxury materials such as cashmere, alpaca or camel wool can be an excellent choice if your budget allows. You can also turn to wool and cashmere blends. The most important thing is that the material is natural, because only this will provide you with comfort while warming your body on cold days. Wool and cashmere have amazing thermoregulatory abilities and provide warmth without overheating the body. At the same time, they are breathable, which means that we will not experience warming up or sweating after entering a heated interieur (the fabric naturally releases excess heat to the outside).

These fabric properties come from the natural thermoregulatory mechanisms created by Cashmere goats, sheep and alpacas. These animals inhabit mountain ranges that are characterized by very large air temperature amplitudes and strong winds. Nature has equipped sheep with a fleece that allows them to warm the animals during frosts and at the same time release heat on sunny and hot days. These are features that we will never find among materials of artificial origin. Polyester, polyamide and wool-polyester blends cannot compete with fibers equipped with natural thermoregulation mechanisms. Additionally, these materials are harder to store and age poorly. Their big advantage is the price, but if a coat made of artificial material deforms and pills after two seasons, we know that we have invested our money badly.

Speaking of material, you should also pay attention to their weight. This is important information to determine whether it is a coat for autumn or winter. The material for a warm and durable winter coat should have a grammage of 500, 600 or even 800 g/m2. A lot depends on the standard winter, Luxembourg is not the coldest part of Europe, we rarely experience snow and negative temperatures usually do not exceed minus 5 degrees. The optimal weight for wool for this type of overcoat would be from 400 to 500 g/m2.

Another important point when choosing a coat is its cut. If we want to invest money in a material of natural origin, it is best to choose a classic style that will work for many years. One of the best examples is a chesterfield coat. Its classic cut highlights the male silhouette. It emphasizes the arms and chest, defines the waist, and builds a proportional figure. It's best to choose a navy blue chesterfield because it will match both a business suit and a tuxedo for an elegant event. This color looks great both day and night and suits all skin types.


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For a more casual look you can opt for a pea coat, a shorter coat used initially by sailors, whose origins date back to the 18th century. The pea coat is characterized by a wide collar, double-breasted front and slash pockets. Combined with jeans, sneakers and a knitwear, it enhances the outfit without overdoing it.


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Regardless of what type of coat you choose, you should focus on simplicity and minimalism. The fabric should be plain or with a very subtle pattern, such as a herringbone. Personalization and accessories should be minimal and respect the codes of classic models. By following these rules, you will be able to obtain a garment that will last for years and will embody timeless elegance.

Taking all this into account, we encourage you to turn to custom tailoring. The specialist will be able to recommend the appropriate material depending on the client's needs, while controlling the budget one wants to invest. With the made to measure, even classic details can be programmed to suit your individual style and silhouette needs. Moreover, crazier personalization can appear on the inside in the form of a colorful lining or embroidered text. A well-tailored coat will highlight the advantages of the male body, while ensuring comfort of wearing. This is an investment really worth considering.


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