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Ferala Team

Christmas is a special time for family meetings, Christmas Eve dinner and sharing gifts. We exchange presents with those closest to us showing them our love and consideration. We want our gifts to remind the recipient of us, so they should be well-thought-out items and not bought at the last minute. But what to do if the reality is more hectic and we don't have time for early considerations? We have prepared for you some ideas for beautiful and high-quality gifts that you will find in our boutique. It can be your life jacket for last-minute Christmas shopping.

Well-selected winter accessories are things that wrap us up, are soft to the touch, and their timeless classic design means they will be used for a long time. At Ferala, we select accessories very carefully, searching for small European craftsmen who pass on their knowledge from generation to generation. The finished product will be made largely by hand with attention to the smallest details, based on high-quality natural materials. It reflects the knowledge of a talented craftsman and becomes a beautiful utility item that should serve for years.



Unquestionably, a must-have in the wardrobe of an active businessman. Even in the post-COVID reality, when the dress code has been significantly relaxed, a tie is and will be worn in more formal situations. If you are not sure of the tastes of the gentleman you want to give a tie to, it is a good idea to turn towards the classics and choose a navy blue or burgundy silk tie with a very delicate pattern. It can also be classic, simple but with a more interesting silk texture, like grenadine. If you are not afraid of bolder options, we also offer autumn-winter ties with colorful patterns made of silk or wool blends.

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For him and for her, it is a very sophisticated gift for people looking for quality and Italian style. Both the women's and men's collections are the quintessence of quality, starting from the choice of leather, including deer, calf and Peccary. This season, we chose classic colors such as black, beige or camel, so that the gloves match most outfits. You can choose between different models finished with a silk or cashmere lining, but each pair is a reflection of beautiful Italian style.

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This season we offer a very rich collection of scarves that can enrich a men's or women's outfit. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a shawl made of silk with a double-sided pattern or a shawl made of light wool with a loose weave and decorated with a printed pattern. The silk one will be more elegant and can be useful with a suit or an elegant jacket, the woolen one can be worn every day and its larger size means you can wrap yourself in it for greater comfort.

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Cashmere scarf

Cashmere is undoubtedly the highest quality material providing incredible comfort and warmth. Additionally, an amazingly soft cashmere scarf is a special gift that can be enjoyed for years. Our collection offers both shorter and narrower scarves suitable for wearing over men's clothing, as well as scarves with large proportions that can be used for women as scarves to cover their backs and necks. The cashmere collection is characterized by natural colors such as beige, brown, cream and gray to offer accessories suitable for every skin tone and almost every outfit.

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Details matter. Therefore, socks should be made of good quality knitwear, such as mercerized cotton, which has a subtle shine, or wool. In our boutique we offer two suppliers: Pantherella and Bresciani, this year’s debutant. The British brand Pantherella means guaranteed quality and a rich palette of colors. You can choose from collections made of cotton, wool or silk. The Italian marque of Bresciani offers cotton socks with a lighter texture in classic dark colors.

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A leather belt is an accessory worn very often, so it can be considered as a useful gift. This is a perfect idea for someone who appreciates the classics. An interesting proposition are braided belts, handmade in Italy, slightly elastic. You can choose between belts made of braided leather straps or more sporty ones made of braided elastic ribbons. The latter are perfect for a sporty-casual look and can be easily worn by both men and women.


Ferala Gift Card

Last but not least, we propose our gift card. Thanks to our online sale, it can be bought on Christmas Eve, so you can leave the decision of purchase until the last minute. You decide how much money you want to spend on a gift card, depending on whether you want to offer a shirt or, for example, a tailored suit. This is a very special gift because you are giving not only a finished product but also the experience of immersing yourself in the world of tailoring and participating in the process of creating your own outfit. You give the opportunity to create memories that will stay with the recipient forever.

To purchase the gift voucher, use the link:

We hope this guide will help you with your gift hunting tasks. We have tried to show you the most interesting proposals, but we invite you to visit the boutique to see other proposals.

And finally, we would like to wish you all the best, lots of love and wonderful gifts under the Christmas tree!

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