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Ferala Team

Autumn is an interesting time of the year because it gives you a lot of opportunities to play with style and combine accessories such as scarves or gloves. This is also the time of the year when we prefer warmth to perfect style, but we will try to show you that one does not exclude the other. We will present several sets made of materials from the French company Dormeuil from their “Naturals” collection.

“Naturals”, as the name suggests, presents fabrics in which we feel natural and at ease. These are materials that are not suitable for a classic business suit, but are perfect for a casual elegance style and mismatched ensembles. The materials are dominated by wool and cashmere blends, which are very pleasant to the touch; wool with admixtures of cotton, bamboo and elastane, intended for sweater jackets; as well as wools reinforced with a small percentage of polyamide, which gives them greater durability and a three-dimensional structure with knots. The idea of this collection is to provide comfort to people who want to look elegant and timeless at the same time. If you use these fabrics, it is worth considering sewing a jacket and trousers with a looser cut.

In this collection, Dormeuil focused on earthy colors, especially autumn colors such as beige, brown, gray and rotten green. The materials do not have patterns, but thanks to the use of fibers of various origins, the fabrics have a distinctive texture and break the classic style.


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Aleksandra's choice was an elegant light beige color and a double-breasted jacket, which provides a greater sense of warmth. The thick weave of a mixture of wool fibers and cashmere makes the jacket fulfill its purpose, combining elegance with a sporty style. The addition of elastane adds a sense of comfort and makes the blazer extremely pleasant to wear. The beautiful beige color is multifunctional and can be combined with many others. It will match both classic jeans and an elegant skirt or trousers.


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The trousers are made of a mixture of worsted wool, cotton, cashmere and elastane. In this case, the elastane constitutes as much as 3%, making the pants slightly stretchy. This is the perfect solution for a comfortable and not too fitted construction. The cut of the trousers is relatively simple, high-waisted and diversified by increasing the height of the waistband and adding cuffs at the bottoms. The color of the material is brown, which looks great with a light jacket.

Material with the same composition was used for Xavier's pants. To maintain comfort, he chose a classic and not very fitted cut. The trousers have buttons for suspenders so they can be worn without a belt. The beige color makes the trousers match many jackets, and the flannel aspect adds character to them.


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Speaking of the jacket, it's not the “Naturals” collection but it's worth mentioning as it's part of this ensemble. The material comes from the “Woodland” collection and represents English tweed, perfect for this time of year. The burgundy color is a bold choice, but combined with the classic color of the trousers it looks natural and stylish. A large check pattern in shades of beige goes perfectly with the trousers described earlier.

The last proposal is Christoph's mismatched ensemble, perhaps the sportiest of those described here. Both fabrics also have a lighter weight and will be more suitable for the start of the fall season.


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Jacket has a very interesting texture thanks to a special blend of various fibers. It contains bamboo threads which have high moisture-wicking abilities and are very breathable and stretcher than cotton. The jacket has a simple cut and its suede patches on the elbows and patch pockets make it look very sporty. The pants are made of cotton and are an example of jogger pants, i.e. comfortable trousers with an elastic waistband at the back and strings at the front. Their slightly loose cut is intended to ensure comfort and can be combined with sports footwear. The whole look was kept in autumn colors in a combination of brown and beige, so both the trousers and the jacket can be easily combined with other tops and bottoms.


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Materials from the “Naturals” collection, due to their softness and different fibers, may tend to crease. This is nothing dramatic, because the nature of the fabrics is sporty and intended for sewing comfortable sets. If you would like to know more about this range of fabrics, we invite you to contact us.