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Ferala Team

In previous articles, we focused on the groom's outfit, showing what trends we can expect this year. Today we would like to discuss accessories that complement the outfit and therefore give it a unique character. A bow tie, a tie, a pocket square or suspenders make a suit more colorful and make the groom stand out from the invited guests. It is also an element of the outfit that we can experiment with to enrich the look and make it reflect our individual style. We will discuss each of these accessories on the example of our partners, small European companies that care about the continuation of artistic craftsmanship and the high quality of the final product.

Bow tie

The bow tie, although somewhat forgotten in everyday life, becomes quite a popular accessory during weddings. It is often chosen by men who wear a tie to work and would like to wear something different for their wedding day. A bow tie is becoming mandatory when choosing a traditional tuxedo, and very often it is also chosen by men whose ceremony is in the boho style. In our boutique, we cooperate with artist Stephanie Dewitte, who hand-assembled each bow tie, choosing from hundreds of the highest quality materials. The main raw material is silk, from satin in simple colors to silk with colorful prints or Shantung silk. At the client's individual request, Stephanie can use leftover fabric from, for example, a vest to make a bow tie, thus creating a paired accessory.

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The most popular accessory to a wedding suit remains the tie. Many men have given up wearing it on a daily basis, but on their wedding day, a tie is a must. How to choose it properly? It really depends on many factors, including the client's individual preferences and the requirements for maintaining the colors and theme of the wedding reception. That's why the advice of professionals who will help you choose the right colors and pattern is so important. When choosing a collection for the next spring-summer season, we are guided by several rules that allow us to have the right assortment. First of all, we order silk classics in simple pastel colors such as blue, light pink or ecru, which are suitable for classic and elegant weddings and look good with simple suits in black, navy blue or gray. Additionally, we choose collections that match boho-style suits, these may be ties made of mixed materials such as silk and linen, which give a more visible texture on the surface of the fabric. To complete the selection, we also offer more bold silk ties with prints in bolder colors. This is an option for men who are looking for so-called “statement ties”.

Our ties come from Italian workshops, the ready-made collection is the Tuscan brand Rosi Collection. We were charmed by the typically Italian design and the selection of the highest quality fabrics. We also offer custom-made ties from the Paolo Albizzati brand, a family-owned Italian company characterized by high quality hand-sewn accessories.

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Pocket square

This is a very popular addition to wedding suits and can be worn regardless of whether the groom wears a flower boutonniere or not. The basic rule of a pocket square is that it should be matched to a shirt rather than a tie. We often hear from customers that they are looking for a pocket square made of the same material as the tie or bow tie, but this is a very outdated rule. Since the wedding shirt remains white, the pocket square should also be white, made of high-quality cotton or silk. This works especially well in the case of classic and elegant styles and gives you more options when it comes to neck accessories. If the groom wants to experiment with the color of the pocket square, especially in the case of a less formal outfit, we try to choose it in such a way that, for example, the pattern on the pocket square contains the colors found on the tie/bow tie. Or, if the groom wears a waistcoat, we try to match the color of the pocket square to it.

We are provided in pocket squares by the two sewing factories mentioned above in the description of ties. Italian precision and rich design are highly appreciated by our customers. A special place in our collection is occupied by Simonnot Godard pocket squares, a French company with an archive of designs with over two hundred years of tradition.

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Although suspenders are not often worn today, they are gaining the status of a fashion accessory for weddings. Men like to use them if they don't wear a vest or a belt. Beautifully made suspenders are an addition that adds character to both elegant and bohemian styles. At Ferala, we offer suspenders from the British company Albert Thurston, whose products were often worn by Her Majesty's Agent 007 in many James Bond films. Albert Thurston, founded 200 years ago in England, is a benchmark in terms of style and quality for this notable men's fashion accessory. All its braces are handmade by English craftsmen and their designs range from classic, elegant versions to rich and colorful paisley motifs. Suspenders are also popular with vintage suits because they look great with wider cut trousers worn with a high waist.

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The last mentioned accessory in groom's fashion are cufflinks. It is a kind of jewelry for a man, but not everyone chooses shirts with musketeer cuffs. There are men who just don't like this solution and don't want to invest in a custom-made shirt that wouldn’t be worn afterwards because of the cufflinks. However, a shirt with cufflinks is more elegant and we always recommend it for a wedding. Many customers have cufflinks inherited from their father or grandfather and want to wear them on their wedding day because they have sentimental value. This is a way to honor predecessors and at the same time give a second life to accessories that have been waiting, forgotten for many years, so an attitude worthy of respect.

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If you are looking for more information about wedding accessories, we recommend contacting our boutique.