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    Where are the clothes made?

    Your clothes are made in the best European workshops, selected by us. Suits are manufactured in Portugal, men's shirts in Spain and women's shirts in Poland.

    What is the average delivery time?

    Thanks to our production in Europe, we can offer an average delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks. You also have the express (delivery of your clothes in 10 days) and semi-express (delivery in 2 weeks) services, available for an extra charge, for urgent orders.

    What is the order process?

    Each order begins with the selection of the fabric and the customization of your clothes. You will have a wide range of options to make each piece of your wardrobe unique so that it perfectly matches the style and image you are looking for. When ordering for the first time, the choice of the fabric and customizations is followed by the take of body measurements and the fitting of models, which will allow a perfect fit, taking into account your comfort preferences as well as your body type.

    How many times do I need to come to the store to finalize my order?

    At least two visits are necessary to finalize your order. During the first visit you choose the fabric and personalize your order. If this is your first experience with Ferala we will also take your measurements. The second meeting will take place at the delivery of your clothes in order to carry out the fitting with a member of our team. If no changes are required, you will receive your order on that day. In case of alterations we will invite you a third time a few days later for the final delivery of your clothes.

    How many fittings are necessary to finally collect my product?

    The number of fittings depends on each customer. In the case of a new customer normally two or three fittings will be necessary: the first upon receipt of your product and the second, or even the third, after having made the alterations. For existing customers, a single fitting will often be enough for each new order.

    When should I pay for my purchase and what are the payment methods?

    You will pay for your entire purchase upon order. You can pay at the store by credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, V Pay, Maestro), cash or with our gift cards. We also accept the Sodexo Goft Pass. For orders of an important amount, payment by bank transfer is also possible. We will confirm your order after receiving the transfer.

    What are the prices?

    The prices depend mainly on your choice of fabric. The price of a two-piece suit is in the range of 749€ to 1,795€. Regarding a shirt, the range goes from 99€ to 325€. To find out more about our prices and to check the extra charged customizations, we invite you to visit our store directly.

    Can I buy your accessories online?

    Yes, our accessories are available on the Letzshop platform. You can access it by clicking on the following link: https://letzshop.lu/fr/vendors/ferala

    Do you have a catalog with different customizations / fabrics?

    To see examples of customizations and fabrics, we invite you to visit our dedicated pages on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook where some of our outfits can be seen.

    Do you offer a mobile service?

    Yes, we offer a mobile service, where we come to your home or your office, if located in the Luxembourg-city area, to take your measurements or show you our latest products.

    How to contact Ferala?

    You can contact us by email: contact@ferala.lu, by phone: (+352) 27858978 or by chat. You have the possibility to make an appointment via our online system: