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  • Tuxedo rental

    A tuxedo is an extremely formal outfit designed for special occasions. A tuxedo respecting the classic style requirements will be timeless, which will allow you to pay off its purchase. It will be fashionable for many, many years, just like it was fashionable decades ago.

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    Tuxedo, what does that mean?


    The tuxedo is traditionally found in black fabric. However, “tailor-made” offers many more possibilities, such as a tuxedo in a beautiful navy blue. In the case of a classic tuxedo, there isn't a lot of space for too many modifications. However, you can personalize the jacket by choosing the type of lapels (shawl or peaked lapels), their width and the cut of the jacket (1 button or the double-breasted jacket). The lapels must be covered with satin, black or navy blue depending on the color of the selected fabric, as well as the welts of the pockets and of course the buttons. Traditionally the tuxedo’s pockets are double welted and the jacket has no slits at the back.

    The pants of such an ensemble should traditionally be finished with satin stripes on the sides of the legs and worn without the belt. To fit the waist well, it is recommended to hold the pants with white suspenders or insert tightening side adjusters. The belt should be covered with satin as well. Made to measure gives a little more possibilities when personalizing a tuxedo and more and more often men decide to choose tuxedo elements only for a jacket thus eliminating the satin fabric on the trousers.


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    What if we rented a tuxedo?


    The purchase of a tuxedo should be treated as an investment for years. However, for those who might need this attire only for one occasion, Ferala proposes a tuxedo rental service. Our tuxedos are sewn in a high quality Paulo Oliveira wool in black colour. The jacket is finished with a shawl collar covered in black satin as well as double welted pockets, also in satin. Trousers are equipped with tightening side adjusters and the waistband is covered with black satin. To assure the best fit, we can adjust the tuxedos in our tailoring workshop for an additional fee. To finish your look we offer all the necessary accessories to purchase.


  • Rental rates

    *dry cleaning included in the price

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    1 day


    Deposit 200€
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    1 weekend


    Deposit 200€
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    1 week


    Deposit 200€
  • The rental service includes only a tuxedo

    We do not rent shirts nor accessories. The accessories are available for purchase.

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